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Canadian Working In Usa

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nonames76 ------ May I suggest, that if possible, you have the company involved do a bunch of the paperwork for you.......otherwise it can stretch out. Reason being, that no matter what you do on your end, they have to be able to offer proof that they couldn't find an American with the same qualifications that they wanted/needed. I have dual citizenship and if not done correctly, I've witnessed some pilots "sent packing" when a local found out, had the same qualifications and made certain phone calls. We can't fault them on that because we'd do the exact same thing and with good reason. Don't take this as a negative....it can be done.....but there's ways to epedite the thing and cautions to be observed. Good luck!

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So I'm guessing that "Helicopter Pilot" doesn't qualify under NAFTA does it? I started making phone calls and I was told that if it does qualify under NAFTA that it's a piece of cake. It’s all done at a point of entry. Otherwise the employer must file a petition. Something about filling in an H1-B form.. ??? That's really all the details I was able to get. Can anyone elaborate on this?

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Helicopters pilots do qualify under NAFTA. If your employer is Canadian, they will fill out the paper work for you, if you qualify. The work visa is a L1B. You are required to be employed with that employer for a one year period before qualifying. If your employer is American, they must sponser you. You must be a higher time qualified pilot to be sponsered!

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Under NAFTA, it means a Canadian operator can do business in the US, and vice-versa. That means that as an employee of that Canadian operator you can go to the US and work, but you are a Canadian resident getting paid his salary back home. The visa allows you to establish a temporary residence in the US (ie Bank account, lease, etc.). Been there, done that in a previous life...:)

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Other ways than "get married to an American" am sure your wife would like to hear that on your 20th wedding anniversary. And quite frankly can contribute the alot to the "American" economy by working and spending money and paying taxes there without living there.


Is not that hard if you are sponsored. Keep at it.



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