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Claiming A Helmet

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I did it last year. So far, I haven't been hauled away and shot by the tax people.


Google Form T2200, download it and fill it out. If I recall correctly, the section that applies is "expenses not reimbursed by your employer", and it's very brief. Have your employer sign the form, then stuff it away someplace safe along with the receipt from your helmet. You don't need to submit it, but you'll want to have it in case you do get audited someday.


I file my taxes using Turbo Tax, and I put the helmet cost under Other Employment Expenses in the "Supplies" column.


There are likely easier/better ways to claim your helmet, but this worked for me last year. I'm doing the same this year for the iPad Mini that I bought to use as a GPS unit.




Hope this helps!



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^^ I don't think you need to worry about being hauled away and shot, but if I were you I'd keep some extra cash in the bank account to pay for your reassessment if/when CRA looks into that. :)


I'm no tax lawyer/accountant/expert, but have looked into this before and it seems pretty clear:


"Most employees cannot claim employment expenses. You cannot deduct the cost of travel to and from work, or other expenses, such as most tools and clothing."


"Special clothing and tools - You cannot deduct the cost of special clothing you wear or have to wear for your work."



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Hey, I agree Daz is correct: if you want to give this a try, then the signed T2200 is the way to do it.


But just because your manager signs it doesn't mean CRA has to accept it. And if they don't, you'll have to pay the money back, with interest.


Of course, CRA has to actually look into it first. Odds are probably in your favour that it will just slide through unnoticed.

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You can claim whatever you want, whether it gets accepted is another story.  Also, any added claim forms usually trigger an assessment so definitely expect to refute your claim.  foreflight subs and ipads would not be covered, you don't need those to work, unless you set yourself up as a contractor in which case your business could write down those costs.  

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