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:) Tqn.....As I'm getting older, the memory banks are getting fuzzier, but as I recall Quasar's demise was more of a financial one, around 1980 I believe. The Polar Shelf contract then went over to Associated in the mid 80's. That I remember as OK washed out a bunch of potential pilot's because of that lame "psycho" exam (god only know's who I got through), and I ended up doing Arctic duty...again! Quasar's assets then were picked up by B. Campbell and called it Pender Holdings which now exists as .....Campbell Helicopters!
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Growing older is mandatory; growing up is optional. Don'tcha know that, HL56? :)


That's a good start you have going there. Quasar was still in business in 1981; I know that for sure. They did go into receivership as you state. When DGP said "shut 'em down," it made me wonder if there had been more to their demise than meets they eye.


Still curious about "the year of accidents," however...really kind of an idea of safety record...which might not be appropro to talk about here. As always, anything related to Quasar (+ Okanagan + TQH) always raises questions for me. Mostly because where Quasar is concerned, the company's history is not very well documented. <_<


Anyhoo...that's all I know...

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I'm guessing the year was 1982...worst year that I ever saw in this business...I believe the number of a/c lost that year was between 8-10...it was a lot...and I had heard the insurance company pulled out on them.... :wacko:

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That is curious...1982, that is. Our worst Quasar year was 1981. <_< Anyhoo, Quasar went into receivership and disappeared about 1986 or 1987 when B. Campbell entered the picture, as you say. In its heyday, Quasar had maybe 25 r/w---of all shapes and sizes.


If anyone knows more about the varied work Quasar did in western Canada and the Arctic or more about "the bunch of interesting characters who worked for Quasar because of this variety in a/c," I'd love to meet up with you on the Roy thread > Pilot Discussions. I'll get moderated if I stay here. :P As always, I appreciate!


There, Skidz. And I'll have you know I'M NOT the one who brought up Quasar! :)

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