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as yes DW, those were the days :up:


young, wet behind the ears and not too smart................. :up:


i ain't young anymore..dried my ears..what was that last thing again??? :shock:


speaking of parties....ol' RS still owes me a hundred bucks!!!! :shock: :shock:



ah yes, fond memories those...a little blurry but rather fond...... :up:

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Vertical Mag -----I believe that you'll find that Okanagan had a "whole passle" of folks who flew for 50 years (and the engineering fraternity was also well represented in that regard). One that 407 Driver worked for one time flew off of a Base on an airport where he had instructed RCAF Pilot Officers during WW2 and just kept "right on truckin' afterwards on the same airport. Downwash is another one who could add to that list also from the Okanagan folks, although he and I were "learners" when those folks were already well-experienced. The list is longer than one might think. Unfortunately, as Blackmac stated, the last 10 years or so have seen a lot leave us "for the Big Hangar"........and did so very quietly......maybe too quietly.

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Met a guy in 89...first name of Max...last name unknown...he was 70 at that time ...never seen a guy move so fast...anybody else ever met him... :) I THINK the guys last name was Sanderson...very nice guy...if he's still at it...he's probably got more than 50 yrs in... B)

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Hey rumrunner...so you know jock...he's very addiment on how you pronouce his last name...sounds like MA...KY...and he could get a job as a backup for the alexander keiths beer commercial guy...no problem....haven't seen him in a long time...said he was the first guy in canada with the 214ST endorsement from those guys in Abbottsford that went belly up ...can't remeber the name anymore...a/c were white/black/red :D:lol: :boff:

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Hey rumrunner...so you know jock...he's very addiment on how you pronouce his last name...sounds like MA...KY...


I would think it is not fair to talk about our elders without their knowledge !!


Jock's background is CAF he flew **** near everything they had..primarily fixed wing..Jock won the Tog Gun award once for some competion somewhere, I dont recall all the details, anyway I now call him "Pop Gun"


**** of a man..has the body of a 55 year old and the mind of a 21 year old!!!


Talked to him the other day, he said that he would like to do a few short relief stints "up north" if he was required.

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