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Aaaaaack. Let it to, guys. I have a full life, a career and hobbies. Don't need to be a member of anything. Raving fan, yes. By proxy, okeedokee. A little too active in the JUST CONVERSATION (non-aviation) forum---I'd be the first to admit it. Whatever turns your crank and makes one happy! Or put another way: Live and let live. :) BTW, this thread is not about me! So go vote in Ryan's poll! :D



Fix 'em or fly 'em?

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the site experienced the most growth in posts with the non aviation threads, but do we really want to lose our identity?


Leave it alone Maggie! The "just conversation" section of the forum adds some much needed spice to what would otherwise be an always excellent but sometimes boring forum.



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Maggie ----- I doubt very much that the likes of TQN et al would influence the site's identity one iota because I believe that we are more than this site.......and a whole "gaggle" of real strong personalities to keep it so........yours included my friend. Her search for information on uncle sort of confirms that by the readership and maybe what we need anyway is a whole bunch more llike her to keep us "in line". She has the tag "Moderator" associated with her anyway because she's a female with more than a passing knowledge of aviation. What that does, is help us (most times anyway) to keep our language and minds above our belt buckles because most of us anyway, have a tendency to watch our wording and our mouthes just a tad closer with a female around. Let's say that she brings us "up-a-notch in class" and gets us into other topics other than aviation per se. Most of us are more than aviation and have other wide and varied interests. The backgrounds of some in aviation are extremely interesting because they didn't start their working careers in aviation and have did other very intersting things. Personally, I like to hear about those "other things" also and maybe "close the hangar door" every once in a while. As an example, I once worked with a very experienced and good pilot (since retired) who played drums for Roy Orbison for 10 years and is on most of his recordings. I'm more than sure also that many pilots who visit this site have wives and families, whose members know this industry VERY well and would be able to give another perspective to our "sometimes slanted view" of this industry and the world.


There now, I didn't "flame you" and didn't take offense at what you said, but felt that this was a good occasion to bring up another point that often goes unsaid.

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I hear ya buddy and I agree with you basically. We just disagree on how easily the site could turn into what you are nervous of. I have no fear of that whatsoever, but what I do fear is what almost already happened in recent past and "we won't go there", but you understand what I am referring to. To have THAT replaced with the likes of someone like TQN was like opening up a window to allow a blast of fresh air in........so keep that window open. :D

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shhhhhhhh!.....you go over there, sit down and be quiet. :D Look at the awful things you started and contributed to: talk about Air America, Huey's in general, flying in James Bay, soothing someone's concerns about how you and the family feel about Roy's death and not allocating blame, causing many to speak about long lost and departed friends and well-known personages from the helicopter world in Canada...........shame on you. :lol: .......and here I thought that was all aviation related.


You bring some friends aboard also because I'd personally rather see the likes of you then someone on here (from aviation) calling us all names, casting dispersions on reputable company's names with wild abandon and having Moderators feeling that it's necessary to "lock-down" topics and get the "big eraser " out. You want to talk about the "Ladies Home Journal" or the price of butter in Denver, then you can leave, but until then stay aboard "fresh air".

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