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Icons Not Working

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Perhaps it's the fact that us mods can't even use our programs... instead of being *****, just try asking...

I don't think there is anyone trying to be an *****. The fact that no mods replied in anyway made it look like 1 mods aren't reading the forums our 2 they just don't care. I think a simple reply on the forum saying we are on it, would have shut this down before one has to put their back up against the wall.

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we mods aren't "in the know"... and if we didn't care, I would have left all the spam up in the CADORS thread. Making a blanket statement like "no mods read the forums anymore" instead of just asking if we know anything is a tad insulting.

Sorry if i offended you. That was never the intent. I realize as a mod you are just a volunteer. As i mentioned right at the before if one mod would said the proper people have been informed and working on it would have stopped this. Again sorry for the insult.


It should also be noted the only way i can reply to this is by pushing the quote button.

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