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After 2 weeks of using my new Baofeng UV-8HP, I give in 5 stars! Im working on a drill program in northern BC and while the company supplies anyone on the job with an Icom IC-F3261DT, I found that I much rather prefer my UV-8HP.  I initially brought it in to camp to program it and test it for when Im on other jobs, but I'm finding that I like carrying around this light unit over the Icom brick.


The dual channel feature is great. I can monitor both the "in camp" channel and the repeater channel without switching back and forth. Its reception and transmitting power is just as good as the Icom. My pilot said I come in loud and clear and just as good as everyone else.

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Yes, you can program frequencies using the radio keypad but it looks like a complicated process... as programming most hand held radios tend to be. I used the Chirp program on Windows 7 and it was easy. I'm not sure about using a Mac.


I bought my radio online from Fleetwood Digital Products out of Surrey. I also got the USB programming cable from them. Total came to $136.31.

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I program mine with my Macbook air and it is just as easy as on a PC. Same program. Gotta love freeware!

Programming "on the fly" is easy once you get it. If you are programming a repeater channel then familiarity with "offset" (requires some math) and programming tones gets a bit more complicated but not too too bad.

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9 hours ago, Saifan Pilot said:

Where can these be purchased now?

The official Baofeng Canadian website seems to lock out the required frequencies we would need for working with forestry agencies.

I bought a used kenwood handheld on ebay for a little over $100 a couple of years ago. I works a 1000x better than the Baofeng. But answer your ? I have no clue where you can purchase a Baofeng these days.

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