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Wire Srtike

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The arc between power lines wont last very long at all, also within something like 10 seconds the power will shut its self of and then every 30 sec after that it will surge until its shut off and repared, also most aircraft aluminum will barely conduct, if at all


Intresting stuff, Cole :)

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you are not in the path of the electricity providing you arent wearing metal boots, thats why the safest place in a lightning storm is inside a car it acts as a ground and the electricity flows around you not through, i dont want to start a fight, but just mentioning that you as a person are not in a very direct patern of electricity, however now that I think about it if you did happen to be wearing very thin footwear or no gloves you could complete a circut between say the cyclic and collective :shock: hmm ZZZZAP. as for the aircraft metal thing, i meant compared to say copper it is minimal and doesnt make a very fast current, I know for a fact aluminum is conductive, one of our WCB safety video's was a guy who tried to take down a ladder in a wind storm and hit one power line and was not wearing rubber gloves and having a grounded ladder witch probably would have saved his life the worst thing you can do if a downed powerline hits your car is try and get out.



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1 - After copper, aluminum is the best electrical conductor for mass applications (like house wiring and such)


2 - What Cole refers to is the Faraday effect. Current takes the path of least resistance to ground. That's why power line maintenance techs can put on a hot-suit (75% kevlar 25% stainless steel braid) and work on live wires without frying. Helicopters are used to ferry them onto and off the wires 'cause they're not grounded (an aircraft in flight is in effect a big Faraday cage). This works fine as long as there is a path of lesser resistance to ground present. If that path is broken and you become "it"...KABOOM !


A couple years ago an Astar spraying under hydro lines near Sept-Iles Qc got a little high and a blade touched one of the wires. The pilot heard/felt it and started to move away to go land and inspect the damage, if any (Astar blades are indestructible, right ? ;) ). As he was moving away, the line broke and fell into his rotor. He was almost on the ground, and on a steep grade. He rolled down the hill, with the line all wrapped up in his a/c. When it came to a stop, his ground crew helped him out of the a/c. He had a few bruises, but aside from that he was ok.


During this time, the good folks at Hydro-Q got an alarm as the line was automatically shut down when it came into contact with the ground. They couldn't see anything wrong from their end, so they re-energized the line.


As the pilot and gc walked away from the wreckage, the a/c lit up and burned to nothing...


Btw, this guy's helmet saved his life big-time...

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****, just looked at my periodic table seems i have been jumbled, you are very right, it is conductive, sorry i was not remembering correctly, you are right about that, o well thats 1 wrong for a few more right. I dont know about the mushrooms, i dont know what i was thinking of writing the first one. Well we learn something new every day, even on spring break :( one more week :D i will stop arguing cases i dont know


sorry about that, Cole

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Hot off the Press



Occurrence No. : A05P0054 Occurrence Type: INCIDENT VOLUNTARY

Class : CLASS 5 Reportable Type:

Date : 23-03-2005 Time : 17:00 PST

Region of Responsibility : PACIFIC




Aircraft Information:


Registration : C-GRWG Operator :

Manufacturer : BELL HELICOPTER Operator Type: CORPORATE

Model : 206B CARs Info:

Injuries: Fatal : 0 Serious : 0 Minor : 0 None : 3 Unknown : 0



Occurrence Summary :


A05P0054: A privately operated Bell 206B helicopter, registration C-GRWG, struck and severed three hydro wires along the east side of the valley at the south end of Pitt Lake. At the time, the pilot and two passengers felt a slight shudder in the helicopter, but were unaware of the wirestrike. A precautionary landing was made and it was observed that there were three black marks on one main rotor blade. Further inspection did not reveal any visible damage. The helicopter was restarted and hover-taxied with no anomalies detected before continuing enroute to Chilliwack. Two passengers disembarked and the helicopter was then flown to Kelowna where further maintenance inspections were planned.

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Serial No 3318

Common Name Bell

Model 206B


Base Of Op. - Country CANADA

Base Of Op. - Province British Columbia

Base Of Op. - Location Victoria

File Location Vancouver Basis for Eligibility for Registration Type Certificate - H92

Type of Registration Private

Category Helicopter Weight (Kgs) 1451

Manufacturer Bell Helicopter Textron

Year of Manufacture 1981

Country of Manufacture U.S.A.


Owner Registration

Owner Registered Since 2005-01-26

Last Certificate of Registration Issued 2005-01-26


Engine Turbo Shaft Number of Engines 1


Owner Information

Name ( 1 of 1 ) Roberts Aircraft Ltd

Mail Recipient Yes

Address 2228 Lifton Pl

City Victoria

Province British Columbia

Postal Code V8N 6B2

Region Pacific

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