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Blade Strike

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Pretty easy to pass judgement from the comfort of your living rooms!!! :down:

Were any of you "experts" actually there to see the incident first hand????

Did any of you actually see the damaged blades?????? Do you know first hand if this operator in question contacted the manufacturer and gave them details about the incident and damage, including digital pictures???? Do you know if Bell said "yeah, we've seen this kind of thing before, based on the information you sent us, we don't think a full blown drive train inspection is warranted in this case..."????

Don't you ding bats realize how easy it is to rip open the skin on a M/R blade without the rest of the drive train even sniffing a hint that the blade contacted something.... especially when you're hovering and the blades are at full pitch????


Why don't all you guys shut your friggin yappers until you know ALL the facts first hand and pass judgement on things you obviously know nothing about!!!




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after the stick went through the main blade it damaged the tail rotor beyond limits..."


You guys are making all these accusations based on a sentence that came from second, maybe even third hand information. Nothing against Old Bull but was he there to see the incident? Did he see the actual damage on the blades?

There is a bunch criticisim coming from people who assume this operator broke some rules when they have absolutely no knowledge of the actual incident other than what has been written on this site, which at best, is second hand information.


So you're right Downwash, someone needs to take a cold shower, and it's not me!

Look in the mirror people!

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Only the poeple involved know all the details.

I can't believe some people judge without knowing all the facts.

I guess this is what this site is all about.

Being able to make statements about someone or a company without recourse.

Sounds like some disgruntled ex employees.

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Fudnuf and Jetbox, I suggest you go back and read all the posts again. Other than my first post, and maybe Mag's, which suggested that, if there was any skirting around the manufacturer's requirements, it ought to be judged, and dealt with, by the appropriate people. Nowhere do I see any 'accusations' or maligning of anyone, unless you include the dreaded 'hypothetical.' And even if you did, I can't see where it warrants the knee-jerk tongue lashing so inappropriate and, I believe, unwelcome here. :blink:

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No matter what is said, the engineer signing the aircraft out has the final say. Company's don't sign off aircraft, engineers do! Without knowing who is involved etc. give the engineers a little credit and trust their judgement on the decisions made. Its up to the pilot in command to determine if the aircraft is airworthy and meets the requirements for their company's technical dispatch procedures.


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Make up your mind amodao, first you say the engineer has the final say, then go on to say it is up to the pilot in command to make the decisions


Are You saying that a pilot can overrule an engineers decision?

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