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Your Freebie Copy Of Heli Ops - Has It Arrived

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Morning from South Korea all,


Just wanting to find out if all the copies of Heli Ops I sent to those that asked for them have arrived there ok. I know some of them have started arriving in the Uk and Spain so wanted to see if they are getting into Canada as well in the same time frame.


Would also appreciate your feedback on the new look when you get a minute.


Many thanks.


Heli Ops

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Nope, not for me either - I was among the last for the calendar bit, but that was around xmas time and we had pretty well decided that I must have been a bad girl :unsure::P , but then came New Years and the charges were dropped and I got my calendar. :) But I am still hopeful .... :D

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Good to see they are all slowly getting to you all. For those that are waiting please keep me posted on when they arrive.


If you get a chance I would very much welcome your feedback on the new look when you have had a look through the issue. Am open to all feedback, both positive and negative.


Thanks again all and regards from Hong Kong.


Heli Ops

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