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Astar Main Rotor Balancing

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2 hours ago, DGP said:

I would say you are just noticing ground effect roughness as the air under the ship builds and spills...that is pretty normal in all landings...try hovering out of ground effect for a comparison.

Good point, maybe its just me. Hover and forward flight are great. I guess we’ll see once we pack it full of mouth breathers or with heavy sling loads. Thanks for the help.




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One thing to note. The AS350,  due to the inherent design of its swashplate, will produce a 3-per rev. On Bell/ Agusta aircraft, the swashplate is shimmed snug. On the AS350, it is not. A proper swashplate shim will allow you to rotate the center 'cup' around the mast, but have minimal up and down play. It's because of this that the aircraft has hammers installed to absorb the inherent 3-per. If it's smooth in flight, then it's good. If you're only noticing a little bit on descent,  it isn't necessarily abnormal, unless it's  really shaking the aircraft apart.

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