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Aussies Flying In Canada...a How To Guide

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Moderator, how do you justify not erasing post #13.


For the added info of the redneck that posted it, you are not as up to date as you think you are.


There have been and will continue to be other races, other than people of your origin flying helicopetrs.


I hope your mother comes out from under the "porch" and bites you.

Right on Don. Its crap like that that drives me nuts about this forum. Kyle we've talked about this before. Get that racist crap off of there.

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Huey Lover -------need some names of Black guys flying in different areas of Canada. Let's start with one from many years ago.......Oddly Black......yeah that's his name and he had a joke about it when he was introduced. He'd shake hands or whatever and say "I'm Oddly Black .....and oddly enough I am Black.


Now let's give you the name of a "real Pro"..........Walt Ramsay. Been around for years and when the seatbelt buckle goes "click"......he's now part of the a/c AND the conssumate Pro.


Need more names, give me a shout. I'll throw in some Phillipinos, some Inuit, some Cree, some Chinese, some Japanese, and whole wack of transplanted Americans. You haven't been around much boy.......you gotta get out more.


Now you can come back at me with the "smart-mouth" if you want to, but I've heard that all before too. The REAL classy thing to do though would be to apologize and you'd find that the vast majority here would "cut you a lotta slack". I believe most here have "crossed-a-line" themselves at one time or another OR came VERY close to doing so. You're probably "better" than the comment you made and I suspect you know it.

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i came real close to deleting that post and the reply when i read it last nite... but sometimes you folk do a great job of letting the individual know that you are above that kind of bullsh**....


i would trust that 99.9998% of the members here know that kind of garbage statement is NOT the feeling of the vast majority of us here...


and a second post of that nature will be deleted and member deleted as soon as seen as far as i'm concerned...

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Come on guys ! Make up your minds !!! :huh: When we delete something, or try to "encourage" proper etiquette, y'all come down on us like a ton of bricks, calling us "Big Brother" and other not-so-nice things. Then we let things go a little as long as things don't get out of hand, and again, we get blasted !!! :blink:


Yeeesh ! :lol::lol::lol:


As far as that racist slur goes, I'm quite certain (or at least I hope) the author feels like a bit of a fool for getting carried away. If the individual requests it, one of us moderators can edit or delete the post.


When I want to get a sense of what one of the members of this forum is about, I go into the members section and go through some of their previous posts. Kinda gives you a bit of insight sometimes. ;)


For example, if you look at ####'s post history, you'll clearly see he's prone to wild mood swings on an almost monthly basis. Knowing this, I treat him like I treated some of my girlfriends in the past: When it's "that time of the month", I just avoid riling him up and don't take any of his rants (too) personally... :blur:

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As the person to start this thread firstly I would like to say that it has been hijacked.


Firehawk your response was about the only one that was even related to the original subject matter.


So based on the feedback I understand some of you have a bit of a `...they come and steal my job` mentality. As has been pointed out there are plenty of Canadian drivers down here in OZ when the fire season rolls around so I guess this evens out the equation.


Once again I will throw out the request for information to anyone (Australian or otherwise...) who...


1.Has constructive, meaningful and PROFESSIONAL advise about switching from an Australian CPL(H) to a Canadian CPL(H).


2.Has constructive, meaningful and PROFESSIONAL advise about how they got a start as a utility, longline/bush pilot.



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Speaking of Ozzies in Canada, I am trying to track down a couple of guys from the 90's who I used to work with out west...Craig Crumbling (spelling!!) and Scott Miller (again spelling). Both great "blokes" and good drivers from the NMH days. If they are still around Canada somewhere would anyone have some contact details. I last saw Scott in Ft St John in 98ish and the thing I remember most was how cute his wife was!!

Any leads would be appreciated.



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