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Phone Booth Bases

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Deep throat I knwo what you meant, the whole point of your topic was missed what you were talking about where the operators really dont have a established base and just a phone number and call it a base.

As for Alpine's Hinton base they shut that down to let the locals that pay taxes in Alberta have a run at it, I guess guilt must have got the best of them. :D

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Good Day Everyone,


I use to work for an " Alberta Company" that made a few waves with Alberta Forestry regarding out of province operators. Until they got a contract for some 205's in Ontario and the waves stopped. Funny that. Unfortunately the said Alberta company just happened to be owned by a certain gentleman from out East. So not really keeping the money in Province.


But the question has to be asked where do we draw the line. A company might have just a phone number, or an office or even a hanger but how often are the aircraft there. And how many employees actually live in Alberta. I dont think there is one company on the Alberta Rap program who's true base is in the province. However with the exception of Cambell all of the operators have busy and well established satellite bases.


I am sure that Alberta and all the other provinces knows about the phone booth offices but unfortunately it is a necessary evil.

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N1, don't you think the operators who have spent a fortune making Alberta their home by building expensive infrastructure and giving full time employment to Albertans are entitled to have first crack at Alberta contracts?

And by the way Heli Gipsy, you're absolutely right, it should work both ways. Alberta companies should come second to B.C. companies when it comes to B.C. work.


I'm strictly speculating here but having a base in Alberta doesn't mean you're paying Alberta taxes. Your customers send their checks to your receivables office at your main base where they are cashed and deposited in B.C. or Quebec or wherever your head office is.


Again, no one's looking down on Alpine or Yellowhead or Campbell or any other out of province companies. They are just operators taking advantage of opertunities given to them by the provincial governments. I just think the provinces should be a little more loyal to local operators is all.

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Jetbox obviously you are bitter about it for a reason, lets put it this way, lets say B.C had alot of work, good fire season, logging everything is booming for the helicopters. Alberta is dead no fires, no sieismic, the Alberta company you work for decides to head west and try and pick up some work their.

Would you disagree then. I'm sure you would be the first one through the door..

Alpine's bases employ full time Alberta employees on there bases and last I heard those employees pay Alberta taxes.

Next we will hear that no out of province pilots should be able to fly for a out of province operator. Sorry I really disagree. That why this is a forum no offence Jetbox.

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Jetbox obviously you are bitter about it for a reason
I'm not sure where that comes from, nothing in my posts came from a bitter place.



I don't have a problem with fighting fires in another province or out of province A/C fighting fires in Alberta. The local operators usually get hired first and released last. That's only fair.

I'm talking about provincial contracts. Two different things.

Sorry I really disagree. That why this is a forum no offence Jetbox.


Don't be sorry and no offense, we're just trading opinions! :up:

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As a base manager for one of the "forestry wildfire bases" in AB, I can say that even on high hazard, our base is manned up with local iron FIRST. Now, we are lucky in that we have 4 companies with approx 10 AStars, a couple or 3 206's, an EC 120 and a EC 130 available, plus we have another company that started OPS last year and should be ready for forestry work this year. Our policy here revolves around a rotating sched of the companys, whether it's for man-up or tower service etc. A typical call might be to Company "A" requesting an AStar to do tower service for 2 days starting tomorrow. "Sorry about that, all our machines are busy for the next 3 days"........no problem, we call Company "B"...etc....ONLY, if by some chance that there are ABSOLUTELY no machines available would we have to look elsewhere and that is always out of area!...not province!


Now, when you talk of heavy metal such as 204,s 205's and 212's...THAT is a different story. Then we usually see out of province metal. Believe me, if one of the companies here had that kind of machinery, we'd be using it. Just the RAP program itself uses a good chunk of the 212's available.


And, if we absolutely MUST go out of province for a machine, it's because we've called every operator locally and out of area before we went looking provincially. Just remember, it's not Alberta Forestry sending your machines out of province to a different contract which makes your company unavailable to us....kind of a crazy circle, huh?.....


PS....I definately believe in local FIRST!!!



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Jetbox -----do you have any idea how many years Yellowhead and Alpine have had a base(s) in Alberta? Alpine has been in Hinton longer than the age of some of the posters on this forum and were there long before a pile of companies in western Canada even existed. Yellowhead aren't "newbies" to Athabasca either by a long shot. There's been a pile of money dropped in both towns by those companies over the years and I think they've "paid their dues" by contributing to the local economy in those towns for many a year now. Alpine for one, has had more than a phone booth in Hinton since their founder was flying 47's around there........and that's back about the time of Draft selling for $ .25 a glass in Alberta.....and pubs still divided :lol::lol:. ****....that is a long time ago isn't it? Now I feel sad. :(

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Don't you guys go and get your panties in a bunch because I mentioned the name Yellowhead and Alpine! Like I said before, I think those guys are on the top of the Canadian operators list and I have a lot of respect for them. I just used them as an example. I'm also very well aware of their history in Alberta thank you.


Therefore, from the looks of everybody's posts, I can only deduct that everybody's ok with any operator getting a provincial contract as long as this operator has a base in that province.

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JetBox: What about CHL, bases right across the country and would you believe they pay taxes in all provinces with bases. Most people live in the area and are providing employment and monies to the local economies. Preference should be given to local companies that are established. As you are aware anybody working in the Arctic better be hooked up with a local company, or no go.


Telephone bases should be outlawed and reported to the local community. You also have to beware of client's who will take advantage of using the same local operator instead of passing the work around.


Amazing what a few beers and dinner will get you with some government officials.


Bin there, done that.


Cheers, Don

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