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Longline Brushup...

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KYLE: This has been said manny times before, I wonder how an engineer(MS) would feel if he was told by a pilot and the other entity (JM) that keeps shooting of his mouth about W&B which he knows nothing about and is trying to compare fixed with rotory.


Please give us a break and tell these guys to cool and go and bother the people on "Just Helicopters"


Were the **** are the moderators.



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All very good points made...especially the part about not wanting to read about you in vortex!


About this 100% thing though...Obviously the customer is paying a great deal of money for the machine and pilots insist on way under loading the machines should probably not be on that job anyway, however remebering that the departure site may be flat and large and the arrival site may be more of a vertical requires us to leave a margin of power at the departure site to make sure you have something for the other end. dont mean to sound preachy with the above observation... just for what ever its worth is all.


As for the the rest of it though... I am remimded of my instructers words "you have to start slow to get fast"



Best of luck steve 76

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thank goodness you aren't on a short leash like i am. i could really say whats on my mind, but I'll point you in the direction of my new favourite motto,


"We all feel that censorship or overmoderation of a site makes the site very onesided, so understand, deleting or closing threads is not our goal. Unpopular opinons, as long as they are not flames, racial or sterotypical will be protected. Everyone has an opinion, and we the readers of "ANONYMOUS FORUM" will gain more from hearing all sides than we would if only the popular opinions were published, so let it ride guys and girls and save the drama for your momma."


if this place is to turn into a dictator style forum as you wish, then we all know the posts will start shortly on "how boring it is"

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It's funny that everybody else contributes in an inetelligent manner except for the two bodies mentioned. One individual seems to comment on everything, he has an opinion on everything. Give us break and go and her-*** your wife or did she tell you to get lost also. I guess you will be the next know it all President at EC.


Say Hi to Tony, if he even knows your around.

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Ok everyone. Take a deep breath and relax.


I haven't seen any activity here warranting moderation so far. Actually , Don, you're the one who's come closest.


This is a public forum. Anyone is free to voice their opinion. It's up to the reader to judge the quality of the posts.


I know you and PT have some history, so please keep it to yourselves. ;)


Btw, Don, AMEs are quite often involved in sling ops and are often the ones on the ground listening to the customer b!tch and whine about the pilot not wanting to overload his machine... :o


As for Mr Moore, he's made his position clear a number of times. Let's leave it at that...



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Alright, new question, same topic.


Any pointers on flat light and Astars. The other day I found myself in a white bowl picking a load. I couldn't keep anything solid in my peripheral vision and had a heck of a time. Atleast with a bubble window you can usually see something to use as reference. Apparently I have to go back out there so tips would be great.


New question, different topic.

Removing seat cushion from ones arse? Go.

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Yeah well thanks guys???


Just a simple question really to access the GOOD brains on this site. I only have 250hrs of 120/150ft time and have yet to break anything. I fly loads at 100% of the weight the machine can tolerate and sometimes (as we do) I manage a little bit more.


The idea of the thread/question was just to generate a bit of thinking and discussion from blokes with 1000's of hours in this area. Believe it or not, I believe the Canadians are the worlds best longline pilots. Leave the bickering at the door.


I can build drills, swing bags and fuel without too much effort. I have always sort tips from those better to improve. I don't see the point in reinventing something my way, when I can fast track via someone elses ideas.


If JM is ranting against foreign pilots then he can relax. I am flying a 200ft line in the jungle of PNG with all the other Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis and Yanks over there. I did however steal one of your Montreal beauties to keep me warm downunder this winter... hehehe.


Astar: I take off the back cushion and put on a cheapo seat cover from Crappytire. One with all the bumps all over it. Seem to work well for me at 5ft 10ish...

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