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R44 in NS

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Hey Whirlygirl.Just wondering if your name srarts with the letter S and if you ever worked in a town with the initials P.R.Have a good day.

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Nope Mini,  who ever it is... it's is  not me.  No where near a town with the initials  P.R.


407...  well when the dang thing flys over your  house,  ya gotta  go look out and see what it is!!!!!  and  R44's are a rare sight here...  So  wanted to know if it's local or just visiting?
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I met a French bloke from the Yarmouth area, about a month ago in YKF (Kitchener - Waterloo). He had just bought a R44 on floats to use in the tourist industry. He was having the final flight test done before leaving for NS. It was SkyWay's old machine from St. Cathrine's.


I think he said something about his family being in the WhaleWatchin business.
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Saw it yesterday @YHZ...not sure who's it is!

Skinner, from Pegasus/Helico had one earlier in the year leased from Heli-Max, which was leased from a private owner in N.Quebec...4.gif

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Guest Bullet Remington

Hey C II:


Is that Skinner as in B. Skinner or his brother? Is the Chief Wrench Bender for Peggie still B.W.?


What about  Okie down around Digby, he still have that R-22??


The business picking up down there??


Did Standard get rid of that ex- CCG 206 that they had??




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