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Too Much News?

Is there too much "News" regurgitated in the forums?  

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I just read a thread that did not have one word directly related to helicopters. Sure, it was about a fire, and bugs, but helicopters? No not really. . .


There has been one heckuvalot of 'news' posted lately, I think about 34% of the postings in the Helicopter forums. Some of it is interesting (as a discussion starter) but then it goes on and on. . .


Like many other things, news is in the eye of the beholder, one man's news is another man's spam. I think we need a forum for news where the news posters can 'go to town.' I can get news any time. I come here for elucidating conversation and opinionon the helicopter topic; not, the CP news wire. Go to http://www.cpnews.com for stuff like that.

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####, you have clearly missed the main point. I'm sure that never happend before eh? :o


News is fine where it is appropriate. Set up a Forum for news and it can all be there as much as anyone likes. Oh BTW I did not point fingers at anyone in particular either. The volume of news interspersed with 'regular' postings is adding too much "Noise" to the conversation and drowning out the 'Signal' in some cases. It clearly waters down the conversation and is tedious to scroll past on some threads where it is one story after another after another after another after another ad infinitum. :spam: Entire pages of 'news' with the same poster aparently answering himself.


News posters should be welcome to post news in a "News" forum. This works on many other BBS/Forum systems, why not here? Then if you want the news, you can go and get it.


Now, you have made your point, and I have clarified mine. Why don't we let the poll take it's course, and see what the result is? The inability to consider the value in constructive criticism is of the hallmarks of a failing organization. I'm sure the concept is worth considering...


As for your opening remark, please take some advice from Red Green - "Keep your stick on the ice" :down:

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Now let's all play nice. Before we get "moderated."

I think that a news story is a good way to start a discussion or can accompany a reply if a point is being made. I am sure that some people do not like seeing a news story posted with no accompanying comment.

That being said you have the ability to skip it.

I and, I am sure, a few others who are overseas appreciate news being posted to see what is going on as regards a story with a lot of aviation content such as the BC fires. For example some of my coworkers come from interior BC and are very interested in goings on.

News stories from smaller newspapers ( The Little Moosepoop Tattler )are also of interest as they are often missed in larger news sites.

I think that the BC fires are an exception that makes the rule.

Moderation in all things ect.

Common sense, that rare commodity, should prevail.

For those stuck in bush camps or other holes the forum serves as a link to the mother ship if not the home planet and gives a little window on our compatriots in the real world so many time zones away.

Fly Safe



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The news is great, especially as of late in the helicopters forum. I have many freinds who are flying/fixing on the fires in BC and very good freinds who on their cul-de-sac had one house burn up in the kelowna fire, almost losing theirs. He is flying on the McClure fire and his wife had to move out the kids et al....RP HAS DONE AN AWESOME JOB OF KEEPING US IN THE LOOP WITH THE INFORMATION HE SUPPLIES.


Like 407 Driver said.......If you dont like it, skip it.







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