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B3 Starting Issues... Help!

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So... here I am on what was supposed to be a paid holiday doin' a little longline training in Central America. Well, the B3 (of which I have zero time in) won't accelerate past 20-30 percent. My B2 experience doesn't help because the plumbing I'm used to doesn't seem to exist on this aircraft (maybe that's the problem!!!!!).


What could it be? There was a possible fuel contamination issue a few days ago but the A/F filtre has been changed and it started a few times since with no diffculty. I'm supposed to fly out of here in a couple of days but it won't be happening if I don't get this thing started. The guys here just got it a couple of weeks ago so they're pretty green on the type as well...


Any ideas would be mucho appreciado (that's spanish:)...




P.S. I know what you're thinking... Why would I be in a hurry to rush back to Canada and minus 20 when I'm here drinking cheap beer, ogling chicas and basking in the sun?? That's a **** good question!!!!!!!

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This thing has no boost pumps... just a single "priming pump" that is turned off after start. It has a low pressure and a high pressure engine driven pump... I always thought the B3 was a higher horsepower B2 but there are quite a few more engine differences than just a FADEC. All the stuff on the left side of the engine that is part of the start sequence in the B - B2 series is missing (pressurizing valve, drain valves, etc). There is a fuel/oil heat exchanger that is integral to the FCU and probably a whole lot of other stuff as well... We pulled every single filtre, cleaned the injectors, did a permeability check of the injection wheel and found nada... and then put it all back together and it started just fine... and then didn't start a second time... and we're about to try a third... I'm mystified...

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Guest Angry Egg Driver

I know that they are totally different engines but we had the same problem with a 407 i was flying this past fall.The engineer had the can off,checked the nozzle,ignitors and all looked good.

We would get lucky and the machine would start and run fine.Shut it down and it would be dead in the water for the next 3 starts.

They ordered a bunch of new parts.Started by installing a new can on it.Same thing,machine wouldnt start. Next they put a new nozzle on.Machine started and ran like a charm.

In the process of trouble shooting,the engineer checked the spray pattern and cleaned the nozzle and it looked great.If i remember correctly there is a check valve of some kind within the fuel nozzle that they figured was the problem.

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Never worked on that machine so take this for what it is worth. It seems like you have tackled the possible fuel and ignitor systems so as someone else eluded to how about the electrical? It sounds intermittent so how about the ground for the starter? Again no idea for this machine but how about any speed sensors that are feeding the FADEC? If you have exhausted absolutely everything I would pull all the connectors, clean them and reinstall.

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