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I'm not around the Reserves much now so I don't know. I can only guess that the $$$ dried up for the Jet Ranger lease, but still no excuse, you could send guys to Portage for wings, Batfink did it. Not an easy thing to do when you have a family and all but it is possible.


Reserves are our best resources and the most misunderstood and misused or mismanaged. Unfortunate but many Regular Force folks just don't comprehend the concept and make Reserve service very difficult in joint units. It is a constant struggle to get those Reservists a fair shake, courses and flexible and fair scheduling.


If it were up to me, we would grow our reserve units in the Air Force significantly and instead of competing with industry we would work with commercial operators and develop more cooperation. I would rather see pilots have flexible scheduling agreements so they could fly the military Griffon and their commercial Bell 212.


From everything I've seen, heard and learned over the past few years, there is tremendous learning that can go both ways whenever military pilots get together with commercial pilots.

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Vortex Ring, no-one seems to have addressed your question about why no operator seems to want to hire you to fly their JetRanger(s). The answer is most likely that, without a bunch of equivalent (light, single-turbine) experience, you really couldn't be expected to be an adequately safe, productive light pilot without GIVING you enough time for the operator to be comfortable about risking his 1/4 to 1/2 million dollar (+) revenue-producing asset. If you came to visit here, and we felt like throwing away a half-hour of 206 operating costs, we could show you what I mean in a real hurry. Trust me, you might make the transition a lot easier in a training role with a combined school/charter operator. Good luck, regardless - just like the 100-hr. rookie, perseverance will win through! B)

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Hey Vortex,


When you've had enough of the 5 star cruises and Sea King driving, give some serious thought about working internally to change the Reg/Reserve force issues. You have great insight and experience in this area. I know how frustrating it is, but with your drive, maybe things could change. You did an outstanding job at 408, but things have definitely slid since you left. :(


As for 412's for initial trg, good luck, they'd burn through the 15 within 6 months just doing Cold Wx starts and Fuel System checks (I can see Pratt & Whitney stock climbing through the roof on Twin Pack replacements alone). I can't imagine a 15 hour BHS student programming the AMS, let alone tackling an Auto (God forbid to touchdown) Grabber Green will need a fire truck for sure....


BTW: 1 Wing is looking at doing Auto's to touchdown soon. That should quickly account for the remaining Griffons within a couple of years....



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Downwash thanks for the reply and I truly believe you are absolutely correct. I'll keep at it though, I know I have the ability to learn and the drive to get there.


Batfink, thanks for you very kind assesment. I'm trying desperately to get back to 408 as a Reg Force driver. One thing for sure, I would love to return as a Res guy in there too, maybe you can arrange a fall for either McQ or EK eh? :D


As for Portage, oh my gosh do I ever hope that common sense prevails......please just let a straight forward machine dominate....keep the lil' Rangers......

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I know sarcasm doesn't come across well on a computer, but I don't think anyone here thinks a 412 as an Ab-Initio trainer is either practical, economical or safe...




We would be more than willing to send EK to Sea Kings, maybe we can swap for you... <_< McQ is a great guy, but he doesn't get alot of help right now...

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407 don't misunderstand the 412 thing. All I mean is that it is a great opportunity for a young pilot low on experience if they can get into the Reserves and get an instrument rating and 412 endorsement when just getting a job is so hard to begin with when they only have a new licence.


Nothing, nothing will count for just plain old experience. For the young pilots I remember hiring they went on with the Reserves for upwards of 500 hours on the Griffon before venturing back out into the market to get jobs and most have been able to do so, many flying mediums or on IFR jobs.


100 hours will always be a 100 hours, the Reserves can just be a good way to help pilots get started and gain that experience. I have never professed and would never counsel a young aviator to head out with their minimal time and just that new endorsement. Most companies simply couldn't hire them anyhow due to insurance. They gain experience in the Reserves, several did tours in Bosnia and spent upwards of two or three years full time Reserve flying before hitting the streets again.


As for ab initio, I think we have 100% agreement on that one, if they ever do put "just" Griffons in Portage, that will end that program in a hurry....

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