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No I'm Not Kidding

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Simple question Don, I don't see why you're confused.


I asked you...


"Part of your By-laws indicate that membership is not due unless indicated by the board members. Is there a board elected at this time?"


direct wording is as follows...


"There shall be no membership fees or dues unless otherwise directed by the board of directors."


You answered...


"I do not understand your inquiry. Am I to assume that you are of the opinion

that this assoc is going to be created at no cost to you, you must be

kidding. There are three directors that have to volunteer to get the assoc.

approved. They can be replaced by the fifth meeting of the members or

sooner. The directors (three) established a membership fee to be applied

and it is at the lower end of the scale. Nobody to date has put out any

money except me. Expenses so far are in excess of a thousand dollars, not

including about ten thousand dollars of time and energy on my part at no



Is there anyone (three directors) at this time and may we know who they are?

We understand you are one, the other two, are they remaining anonymous?

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No direct offense meant here, really. But good gawd, will ya all get a flippin grip! :blink:


What does it matter who the temporary volunteer board directors are, as they can and probably will change, also, and without wanting to blow sunshine to Blackie, at least he had the plums to start this association. Face it, since its been brought up, certain people have been trying to shoot it down and him too in one form or another yet all agree that its about time that someone starts it off or for the very least take charge. :wacko:


Its all simple to me, you wanna join cause you think its a good idea then join, if you don't then don't. These voiced negative comments will not change the mind of those who feel that HEPAC is a good idea. :up:


Now, I remember my very first post with the old forum site almost a couple years ago, Mr Blacks shot me down (try torpedoed) :shock: , in fact, he wasn't quite popular period. :hide: Fiesty, to say the least, but I haven't met anyone claiming to be perfect here (cept for you CTD - that will get what's his name goin :lol: ). Guess what, fiesty and experience is precisely what it will take to lead or for the very least start this thing off. I think its a dang nice gesture for someone who's retired yet still feels strongly enough about bettering the profession. Good on you Blackmac ! :up:


These friggin computers do very little to encourage a decent and fair conversation. For one you don't know who you're really talking to, ya can't hear the tone of voice or the way a comment is sometimes meant (mind you it can be as clear as mud too), and arn't we all bigger on our own side of the screen! :wacko: In a different setting (ie bar stool and ribs/wings) chances are we'd probably whistling the same tune! :lol:


Now I can get back to work - I have control - hahahahahahah (yeah right!) ;)

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Thank goodness that post was signed by Blackmac Don personally, and not by an official representative of the Helicopter Engineers and Pilots Association of Canada !!


If that quote had come from someone official in HEPAC, I might be reluctant to join such a group.

In fact, I might even be tempted to start my own Association, then before you know it, we would have just as many teams fighting for the same result as that pathetic Conservative-Reform-Alliance joke........and just as much name-calling, broken promises, and dissention.


Gentlemen, how can an organisation that tries to promote Professionalism in our industry try to succeed if the founders and potential members behave like that??


Clean it up guys.

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No I'm not Kidding, also:


For your added information the question that was originally asked, could have been posted on the general web site, instead of somebody alluding to a private conversation and then going to the general population and saying, nah,nah ,nah etc., I know something you don't know. My God were dealing with two year olds.


####: Personally you can laugh all you want, but get the story straight. You were the one that was told AND NOT BY ME to e-mail me if you had something to say. You couldn’t use the language you used on an ordinary posting so you elected to call me everything in your limited vocabulary that you could think off.

Just to let your ER customers know what professional you are really like, I posted it. YOUR E-MAIL WAS UN-SOLICITATED.


So continue your little charade, I couldn’t care less.


Cyclic Monkey: I'm trying to figure out why somebody from Alpine would want to join the assoc., as you seem to have it so good. Actually your management does not believe in it and that’s from somebody that could do the industry some good.


Cheers and I'm not ashamed to post my name.


Don McDougall

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Blackmac Don, I have not stated that I want to join an association, or that I work for Alpine.


Though I fully SUPPORT the need for a Professional Association I did not continue with my initial attempts to start, or try to join, such a group for two reasons.

Firstly, I am well looked-after by my employer. I have stated that several times, and am very proud to work there.

Also, for me to start or join such a group may give the wrong impression to my employer, or to other people about how my employer treats me.


In the past I have worked for several shady operations, and it would have been nice to see some higher standards of professionalism, safety, and humanity than what was being offered. I felt then, and still feel that a pilot's association may be able to help this.

Several of those companies still exist, and are still treating their people poorly.

Even though I am presently treated well, I will continue to encourage higher standards of professionalism in our industry, whether that is by raising my own flying standards, or by supporting a Professional Association.


I would like to SUPPORT and encourage a Professional Association that is for professionals, run by professionals, and therefore run professionally.

In my opinion, the posts that started this discussion do not portray professionalism, and therefore I posted my remark above.



NOTE; I have no way of knowing what the management of Alpine feels about an Association.

Your statement that they don't believe in it is interesting.

Are you speaking on behalf of the management of Alpine now, too?????

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so how are those in the wings supposed to look on this "professionalism"? :down:


even a union hater like me is open to the idea of an association. well, just as soon as some real professionals step up to the plate.


JERRY JERRY JERRY JERRY....................... :D:D:D

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