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Lost Aquaintances....

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Hey otooly,I like your new handle...not as good as your original but everyone in the business knows that nickname...yes that was a good night in yth...we then went to a party with Wayne Johnson and Bob MacKay...I can still remember the head pounding the next day.Cambox...you actually got on Johnny''s bike for a ride.Your a brave man...you should have seen him when he got an 1200Z....crazy!!!I think he finally scared himself enough to slow down...he was working in Kingston'' Ontario at the time for an overhaul shop...he''s back in Winnipeg now I think.

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Hey cambox,just to let you know...big Al still works in the old hanger in yth...he''s been with Custom since LambAir...that''s about 30 years in yth...I think that has to be an industry record...even better than the 15 I did at Midwest!

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Cambox...the last I heard Zeeb was retired from flying but was hired back as base manager in yth...Leo was working contract for Custom when I left in 2000....not sure if he''s still working for Jimmy...saw Jim and Garry Shabaga at the HAI in Dallas in Feb.

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