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Lost Aquaintances....

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also known as a Data Entry Interface Malfunction.


or an ID-10-T error. simply change the 10 to an io and remove the hyphens.


i roared the first time somebody told me I made one of those errors...


CTD- I sent you a reply as per your request



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the last time I saw Bill Kipke he was working contract for Custom (2000)with Ken Sheskie,not sure about the spelling on that one and Roger Frost was there as well in 99 for the summer.John Raddel used to work for Custom...after Midwest but he's been out of the business for years...heard he's trying to get back in.Black Bart's still in Kenora...Bob McKays in Edmonton...John Gibson's in Lac DuBonnet as is Dan O'Donnel.I worked for Midwest and Custom out of Winnipeg from the 70's til I moved down east in the summer of 2000...anybody else you want to know about let me know...Bruce McDonald has left NAS long ago.2.gif

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I was at Midwest from 1980 til 1996...was at Aerotrades before that and Klondike in Calgary before that...also worked 1996-2000 at Custom contract...PS...I wasn''t expecting my name to show up on my post''s but now that the cats out of the bag,thats ok...I guess...I was talking to Wayne Johnson the other day...thanks for the update thought.

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Hey DGP....... I don''t think knowing your name SHOULD cause any embarassment unless???? I''m trying to place you, and can''t seem to, so I don''t think there are any real bad stories from those formative years, but ya never know !!! Was with Lambs'' for the most part, then went with their helis when it became Custom.....



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Cambox....Got your Email/Thanks....DGP is a saint..Ha!Cripes I almost barfed.

DGP taught me how- not-to speed-shift a 1973 Chevy halfton.I locked it up into reverse and blew the rearend.A taxi piled into the parked truck as DGP and I were leaving the scene to phone for a tow truck.I never knew I could run so fast....Do you remember that crap DGP....ST.Otooley P.S.For 20.00 bucks I'll shut up...no wait maybe I'll send you $20...

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