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Lost Aquaintances....

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Tried to post on the "other" site, under Dinos from the past, but they won''t send my password, so....


Anybody know where any of these guys I worked with in Thompson, Churchill in the ''70s are?? Rick Levack(Lambair), Jim Case(Lambair), Bart Stevenson(Viking) Roger Frost(Lambair), John Riddell(Midwest), Dave Wilson(Ontario Heli), Don Venturi(Viking), Wayne Kennerkanuk (Aero Trades). Don''t know if any of them are still in the business, although I hear Roger Frost was up relieving on Weyerhausers'' L-4 a couple of weeks ago...

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Hey 412,


I thunk ya got Don and Dennis mix up, Dennis is flying steam chickens for CHC Int somewhere down there last time I heard from him, and Don just left NAS and is now working for Nana.....Nanus... one of them above the Arctic circle companies.


Is Wayne "Kenny" running (owning) a MacDonalds somewhere in Cape Breton (last I heard) or was that a dream (to much purple mic in school)


And if it is the same Dave Wilson, Maggies in 90.


Had the great fortune of meeting Bart on a fire in Dryden in 95, that is a prince of a man, very well respect in the neck of the woods


Dryden.....wohhhhhh, way to far west for me, hard to get good salt meat out that way

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Haven''t seen Wayne Bolen or Marty Sinclair since Cambodia. Marty wrote me a letter a few years ago asking for permission to print some picture he had of me and a 212 - said he was putting some ''articles'' together. The envelope had no return address, and he asked me to send my reply to some family member. He didn''t want anyone to know where he was.
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