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Where Is The Cougar Thread?

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You've got to be joking!!!!! Content that "crossed the line"?????


Uh, how about an example of that because near as I can remember, that thread was simply talking about union issues at Cougar and what happens when spiteful companies take drastic measures. What a load of crap.


So now we're down to making sure we never offend some wanker operator lest the entire thread be removed. With all due respect, removing the Cougar thread in question amounts to nothing more than censorship and if that's the case, we're all in a lot more trouble than we thought. :down:


I would suggest you take a look at the Fragrant Harbour forum on the Pprune.org website and pay careful attention to how a topic should be moderated. If we on this forum are not allowed to speak our minds on something as basic as this, perhaps then it's time we found a different forum to visit.


I'm very disappointed.

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So now you know why most of us just occaisionally look around here, get bored and hang out with the PPRUNERs. Even noticed a couple of good regulars from here getting into the PPRUNE. Nice to hear their experience being put to good use.

So much for freedom of speech....

Not that many of you want to hear from me anyway ....:) hahahaha!

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ChairmanoftheBored - How many times has an actual post or a thread been deleted? You state freedom of speech - again, I say, Free speech is always welcome but if someone lays claim and makes an accusation towards another party, and chooses not to be held accountable for it, then it simply is not going to be allowed.


Speak your minds DecuMajor all you want, this has always been welcomed but we will not allow ourselves or myself to be put into a libelous situation.


Now, to be totally honest, it was by mistake that the entire thread was deleted, I was trying to multi-prune a few messages and when I made the selection I incorrectly selected the wrong option.

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