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Where Is The Cougar Thread?

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Well then Kyle, may I suggest you reinstate the aforementioned thread post-haste with the "offending" post deleted.


But I say again, if some folks candidly discussing an issue as bland as the thread in question constitutes "a libelous" situation, then I would question just who exactly is controlling this forum.


Not impressed.

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Guest graunch1

Reality check DecuMajor et al. No one is forcing you to remain on this forum. If the OWNER of the forum feels that a topic has got into a libelous area then he has the right to yank it. Do you think that the Cougar, or whomever's lawyers would issue a writ against a nom deplume forum visitor or go after the person who owns the site? If you disagree I am sure Kyle would welcome a certified cheque in case he gets sued over some remark you make. This is not UUnet.

Just my US$0.015 worth

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DecuMajor, if I could bring back the portion of the thread that was not impropoer, I would. Unfortunately, I can not.


And for your information, I control this forum. I control it, I run it, I pay for it, for you. If people wish to get a little aggressive in what they post and how they post it, especially when mentioning names, or names of companies, then I will act.


The thread was bland as you stated however there were a few posts that were thinly veiled attempts directed at attacking a company's integrity. I am extremely disappointed in your insinuation that 'others' may be behind this. It kind of reminds me of an insinuation that got this whole thing started in the first place.


Look, this forum is for everyone. There is nothing more than good active discussion that I want to see and be a part of. However, we have rules in place to protect us, our membership and most of all our integrity and it is these rules that you and everyone else agreed to when you joined and must respect when posting.


Now, let's get back to discussing aviation.

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####, I fully realize this but to call it an empire, well....


My point was I bet I could still count on one hand as to the number of threads or posts that I have removed over the last year. It is a rare occurence and I do deliberate for a bit prior to taking action. It is a tough balance when to take action and when not to. I take all discussions seriously and try to put everything into perspective when reading them. These forums are for everyone, even those that do not choose to participate.


Regardless, when I do take action, I know I will be doing exactly what I am doing now for at least 24 hours. I know some will be glad to see such removed and others will put on their helmuts and gear up for a battle with me. So I do not take doing these sorts of actions lightly - 'cause there really are better things in life I could be doing with my time then defending myself and our policies ;) But, this is important to me and to many others.


My post above was in reply to a member who insinuated there may be others actually controlling the forums. There is not and I took offense to their post regarding a hidden agenda.


Enough said.


I am always open for discussion on how to get more people active. I think the helicopter forums are doing wonderful and some really terrific discussions are taking place. I truly wish there was more activity all around however I knew and understood that changing sites last year would have an impact.


I am close to finalizing our expansion and betterment of services. It has been a long process but one that should hopefully create even more active members in the long run. Hopefully.

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My twooooooooo cents worth on the topic. It's Kyle's forum boys. If he doesn't like it then out it goes. Thats how it works on an internet forum so Suck it up. However......if all the companys that are worthy of negative comments in good old Canada are going to start sueing then my advice to all those youngsters that are getting pilots licences is to ferget about it and go get a Lawyers ticket. There's going to be a whole lot of sueing coming down the pike. Maybe it would help if you posted the "line" Kyle so we would know not to cross it. Meanwhile if you haven't got anything nice to say about anybody......sit next to me. If I had to choose between rumours, inuendo or outright lies I'd be hard pressed.

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Thanks, deuce, RDM.


Deuce, my point is not necessarily about someone or a business suing - moreover, it is stopping any actions that may result in unfair or unjust tarnishing a reputation of a person or a company which will lead to 'who knows what' - a road I have been on and one I really care not to be on again.


Let me explain how it works from experience. We have been through a few subpoenas now for the US board (only 1 in Canada so far) and it always results in lawyers contacting lawyers and some times, if things can not be resolved, further action results where we are sometimes forced to handover whatever we know of a certain member/poster.


I will state that all companies have always supported us and know that we are 'just a medium' and have made this very clear and never target us rather the poster instead.


I do not know how these events ever turn out nor do I care.


Now, to make myself very clear - this is not the case in regards to the thread that was removed at all - but it could have been if the existing tone of it had carried on. I was not going to wait and see because it was only getting worse. (Again, I tried to delete only a few messages but I messed up.)


So, in the end, it is not just me protecting myself or these forums, although they are high on my list, I also look out for the interests of our members. I am not talking about babysitting either but understanding the passion that we all have for this industry, I know tensions can rise easily. Some posters might not realize what the impact of their statements might end up being, that's all.


Finally, just to state it one last time. I am all for free speech and everything that goes along with it. However, even with free speech, you are always accountable for what you say.


More importantly, this business is a small business like RDM said. It often looks after itself in it's own ways.


Just be respectful, that is all I ask. It's not just my forum, it's your forum too.

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