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Life Insurance - "pro Rated"


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Sorry to tell you...your not covered.

Once they find out you are a pilot the policy is void..

Just wasting your money at this point.




I called the guy at commonwealth this morning. I am covered for "whatever I do occupation or otherwise". They can't take away your coverage becuase you decided to start doing a job they consider "dangerous" after you get the insurance. If I started flying before I signed the papers then you are correct my insurance wouldn't be valid since I checked a box that said i hadn't piloted an aircraft and didn't do so on a regular basis since they could then prove I lied in my form.

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Hey Guys


Mine is through Sun Life Financial 101$ a Month for 300 000$ it is Pro Rated. Nasty questionaire... I was 29, non-smoker. As for mortgage insurance my mortgage holder, would not pay out had I died flying a helicopter so we passed.. My life insurance will pay the martgage...



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My fiancée and I both have a 200k/25year life insurance policy we took out to cover our mortgage with TransAmerica. It costs us $48/month total. When I told them I was a commercial helicopter pilot, they had me complete a two page questionnaire where I had to detail my experience, type of work I do and where I fly.


After I was accepted (with no additional fees, or prorating if you prefer), I asked the adjuster what their criteria were. I was told that pilots are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but that as a general rule, if you only fly commercially within Canada or the US, there's no problem. Also, there's a stipulation that if i fly recreationally, I'm not covered, which I find kind of silly, but whatever. Seems that they're more concerned with people who have risky recreational activities (diving, skydiving, hang-gliding, etc.) than with people who have risky occupations. Go figure... :blink:


Btw, those of you who have insurance you took out before you started flying or you weren't specifically asked about it when you signed up for your policy, be aware that it's up to you to make sure you declare your occupation. If you die in a helicopter or small plane crash (you know, that Cessna 206 delivering you to that drill camp), your insurer may refuse to pay out. I used to have life insurance with a bank. When I changed occupations, I called them to declare the change. The person I spoke to said "no problem". I then asked for written confirmation. He sais "no problem". After not getting any news for a couple months, I called back and was told "no problem" once again. I finally wrote them a letter and that's when they finally sent me a letter back saying that if I died in a helicopter or small plane (less than 10 pax), whether as a pilot or as crew, my coverage was void. So I said "no problem" and cancelled the policy...:)

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I deal with a guy named Brian Carse with a company called Primerica. I have $800,000 in coverage and it costs me $100 per month. This is for a 20 year term with no rise in cost with age. When I first talked to him the company told him that I would be rated and would have to pay significantly more. He talked them into looking into the company I flew for, safety record and the type of flying I was doing. Primerica then decided to wave the rating giving me the regular cost. I was flying a 76 in Vancouver when I got the insurance. Might be worth giving him a call and see if he can get the same program for the company you work for.


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It seems that they really do look into what type of flying you do...


When I got a quote a few years ago from the TD bank, at first it was going to be $70 bucks a month for 1 million coverage.


Once they interogated me and found out I do VFR work slinging drills and logs around in the mountains, they bumped the fee up to more like $500 a month.


So long story short, I don't have life insurance.


Please keep the info coming though, I have a wife and 3 young children and would very much like to find affordable life insurance.

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The great variety of answers I've read here reinforces what I had found out myself.


Each insurer (and their underwriter) is different, so shop around.


Some will not cover you unless you are a passenger on a scheduled flight.

Some want you to be a commercial rated pilot, not a private/recreational pilot.

Some don't like the long-line type of operations.



1. Shop around.

2. Get a SEPERATE written statement saying that you are covered while working as a Commercial Helicopter Pilot. Don't just rely on a verbal statement. Get something that your family may need to rely on someday (heaven forbid). If the insurance company won't sign something, that shows you how good their promise really is.......go somewhere else.

3. Shop around.



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