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Getting Sleepy ? Stay Awake - Proven Method


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Yeah, I must agree. I read this thread a week ago and picked a perfect time to try it out. It worked for me while driving the car 5 hours after 2 days and 2 nights of partying hard. 6 hours of total sleep those two days. I felt dead tired after 1 hour driving, threw a gum in my mouth and i just couldnt fall asleep. But with 2 hours left, I was replaced. I wanted to watch step brothers on the computer in the backseat. fell asleep after i think 5 minutes. :)



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Gum works well. It cuts me down from the nano-second blackouts to just feeling tired for at least a couple hours longer. Once I start to get the blackouts with gum in my mouth (I seem to stop chewing eventually) I know it's time to stop.


I also find taking a drink of (cold) water every couple minutes helps a lot. Only issue is it will lead (eventually) to you having to stop, or reusing the bottle for other purposes.

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