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Resourceless Helicopters


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It has been a tough year if your company is depending on fires to keep it financially afloat.


Lack of diversity, marketing, and operating in an already saturated market, is going to cause a few companies, to shut their doors.


I have seen this cycle a few times......I hate to say, but we are on the leading edge of a downturn in our industry.


But again.....that is just my 2c worth ( I hope I am wrong) !



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At the meeting last Friday they said they are only going into suspension over the winter from a slow summer and low hours...something we all know this year. They said they need to stop the spending and will be in operation for spring 09. I hope so. They're a good group.



That's a great answer! That will keep this thread on line, vs the rumor mill flying! I am sure there are alot of operators that will be working with a 'skeleton crew' this winter to control some costs!

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Quote Dec 14 2007


"Too bad the bubble popped and know one told you.

It's a small industry and good luck getting your 180G after you have been laid off.

Be careful who's door your knock on after trying to hold everyones feet to the fire.

As has been said...supply and demand."




Darn I hate being right sometimes. <_<


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Actually 212 you got me thinking and.... I should qualify my Dec. quote.

Talk to your customers. When half of them are dead in the water and the other half are going great guns well something is awry.

Look for the big picture. Don't just think about making money with Pine beetle....think about long term ramifications. If no one is building homes in the U.S. because of sub prime mortgage meltdown well how Is that going to play into the sh*tty deal we got on softwood lumber?

How about spiraling labour costs etc. You can't sustain it forever.

This is not directed at you 212 as I get the feeling that you have been around the block and ridden the turnip truck! :lol:

I just wish people in this industry would stop driving around looking as far as their hood ornament.

I suppose tho that a sense of history is earned by time put in.




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