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Obama All About Helicopters

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QUOTE; 5Lgreenback,

"Imagine Iraq was the world superpower that invaded.....America"


Now why would Iraq do that ???

Because the President is a very unpopular and should be removed from office?

Because the President has a habit of invading other countries with thousands of troops?

Because that nation has a huge stock-pile of WMDs to blame it all on?

(this time the rumour is true)

Because there's a large oil supply nearby, to confuse the real reasons?

Because this country raises terrorists responsible for the Atlanta Olympics bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing, and far too many high school/university killings to mention?


This all sounds eerily familiar doesn't it ????


Okay this is my very last post on this topic........until my next one.



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Hitler-many countries dealed with him, long before americans got involved. And most text books (with the exception of american texts) argue that it was the Russians who brought WWII to an end not the US.


Bin Laden-was armed and able to achieve power through american help, and he hates America, so Id say yes its mostly Americans responsibly to deal with him. The Taliban stated they were more than willing to give up Osama if America would provide them with evidence of his guilt, the FBI openly admitted it cant be proven. So the war began and countless innocent lives have been lost for this 1 man.


Hussien- Evil man yes, brought to power by the Americans, killed 300,000 innocent people which was extremely ruthless, but many forget to mention the Americans were behind the scenes giving him suppport, according to some knowing full well what he was doing. Americans have killed anywhere from 500,000- 1,000,000 (depending on the reports) mostly innocent people in Iraq. Iraq is now in shambles and civil war and far worse off than when Hussein was in power. While the riots were happening in Iraq and everyting got destroyed, people being killed raped etc. American soliders where told not to intervene, and the only the they are to protect is the ministry of oil.


By the way Im not trying to slam americans believe it or not, I dont for 1 second think canadians are much different just much less powerfull and much less in the spotlight. Its western socities in general that are by far the biggest evil do-ers throughout the world. The media does a really amazing job at keeping us from our discussing real issues and our own actions throughout world. This so called "war on terrorism" is a pretty big contradiction.


Right with you. American's so deceived that they willingly get involved and killed, partly their problem. Everytime one mentions deaths tolls in Iraq American deaths are recited. What about innocent Iraqi deaths. Aren't they just as human as we? Americans want to get involved and get killed, their problem forget them. Iraqis not involved, now we will elaborate.


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........ If the US (ooops!, i meant NATO) were really in Afghanistan to help the people they would be spending those billions they don't have on building schools, wells, etc to win the hearts and minds of the people.




They (UN/NATO/Int'l community) are.


$10.5B in support of the Afghanistan Compact which includes, schools, wells, dams, hydroelectric power stations, ground transport roadworks, improved security, micro-economy generation, improved education for women and children and improved infrastructure throughout the country.


There is no oil, and anyone who has been there and walked the ground knows that there are far better routings of pipelines to the South than through the Hindu Kush.


Back on thread, I think there will be minimal impact on the helo industry when Obama takes over in January.



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By going through Herat, they appear to have now altered the plan from the original proposed entry site into Afghanistan from the SE corner of Lebap province, on the Turkenistan/Uzbek border -- that pointed straight into the NW corner of the Hindu Kush. That at least makes the NG pipeline a reasonable prospect. Now how is it that the ADB support to the provision of NATURAL GAS for domestic Afghan, Pakistani and Indian markets equates to the US going into Afghanistan to get OIL? Having a hard time seeing the "evil guy screwing over the Afghan masses for his own corporate profit agenda" happening, especially since Karzai and any purported (never claimed by any organization/media other than Le Monde) link to the defunct Unocal isn't an issue. The US and 53 other countries pledged $10.5B towards Afghan development in the 2006-2011 period. More will likely follow in the years following 2011. Where's Dr. Evil in all this?



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