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Fatique Risk Management


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In case you missed this particular meeting announcement...


Special Joint Technical Committee Meeting on Maintenance and Manufacturing (M&M)-Part V and Commercial Air Service Operations (CASO)-Part VII

September 13-16, 2004


Fatigue Risk Management System


There is currently no regulation addressing the management of fatigue related hazards in aviation maintenance. Nor is there a duty time limitation prohibiting excessive shift durations and consecutive days of work. This proposed amendment provides for the implementation of a fatigue risk management system in approved maintenance organizations.


NPA 2004-059


NPA 2004-060



Here is one summary of the last review of this proposal from March:

The Ontario AME Association

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Mag Seal,


I once heard a learned man say " Every evil has its remedy, except folly."

To reprimand an obstinate fool or to preach to a dolt is like writing upon water.


Mr Seal, you have helped the blind, the halt, the palsied and the leprous, keep up the good work and remember what Rodney D also said, " If you do nothing, you get nothing - its that simple.

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OK... I'm confused...


But back to the original topic. Duty times are important for safety reasons, however, how will it be monitored? As was mentioned above, it will require a lot of honesty but, I'm afraid that the bank balance will prove to be more of a draw than honesty in many cases.

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We are in the midst of implementing a Fatigue Management Program for our maintenance crew. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

I'm somewhat familiar with Airborne's system and it sounds like it's about as simple and effective as it can get.

Any ideas????



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Here is an idea some of my pilot friends suggested.I though most would appreciate it.


Although Air Canada limits the duty day to 16 hours in tocm, the rest period between shifts is quite minimal.The way transport canada has it set up for the flight crew....they get 8 hours of uninterupted rest between work periods.


Now, 8 hours of uninterupted rest is quite diferent from 8 hours between shifts. Uninterupted rest suggest that you get to rest for 8 hours without disruptions from the company,that would mean some time is taken into account for getting home,getting to bed and getting up again etc.None of this crap where the company forces you to work 4 extra hours and then be back fresh for your night shift that night.



I used to work for a cargo company where the pilots flew at night.If we had any questions about snags or anything about the airplane, we had to ask in the morning before the crew left for home.If we called them up in the middle of the day,their crew rest started over again.They were allowed 8 hours uninterupted rest.


I'm shure everyone working midnights has had the pleasure of being waken up by management.Therefore you can appreciate the value of such a system.


I wonder how we could push transport to adopt such a system for maintenance?? That would give us some margin for getting more rest and prevent the company from going nuts on the schedualled overtime!And of course it would greatly increase safety for everyone traveling on airplanes :)


Maybe if as a group we applied pressure to transport,our concerns would get addressed???


Any ideas or suggestions on this subject would be appreciated.



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