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Finally One The Average "joe" Can Afford

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Guest Bullet Remington
All these posts MAY have a grain of truth to them but one fact still remains. JUNK!! :P :P




You've been away from the Pusser's for a while haven't ya???


I've rebuilt Complete cessna 206s, pranged B206s, Tail cones for 500's, S61s, and pretty well every model bell 2XX. Throw in four "homebuilts, and yer saying that this machine is junk if it's a homebuilt???



Could be, but I'll reserve my comments when i see who built it! Having said that, i can show you numerous RV4, and other homebuilt planks thagt I wouldn't use as a kite!


I guess it all depends upoin the builder. The fact that a machine is built in a factory does not a safe machine make. I've worked in both MDHC (Mesa) and Boeing (renton) as a customer rep and both have a bunch of people and "factory attitudes"trhat sacare the be-jesus outa me.


I have no problem neither flying ot building a homebuilt. Then again, I would never build a Zenair using those wonky Advex rivets either. Reminds me of the BN2A's !!

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A guy I did some time building with this fall is visiting the compositefx factory in Trenton FL where they manufacture the Mosquito. He is flying his R22 in to meet Robert Mason there who is the author of Chickenhawk. Robert flies the Mosquito. I will ask my friend to report on his visit to the factory and his opinion on the Mosquito.


I was in Calgary the fall before last and visited John Uptigrove the engineer who invented the Mosquito. I was impressed with the helicopter. I think the weak link is the 2 cycle engine, but if you fly over safe ground to auto... I hear it auto's well.


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I would be very interested to hear the opinion of an experianced AME such as yourself Bullet or Splitpin...if you had a chance for a close up, hands on look at one of these things.




Experienced?? I don't think so Mark!! I only started wrenching 50 years ago. I've got a lot to learn and do yet!! So many women...So little time!!:lol: :lol:

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I reading his book now. Really good book and funny picture Mark. By the way, are those blades for the older mediums?



Not exactly sure what you mean but the caption that went with the picture said that they were blased that were shot up by small arms fire...enjoy the book, I read it every summer when I go camping.


Splitpin...if 50 years pulling wrenches doesn't qualify you as experienced I don't know what will!



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