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Bell 429 First Deliveries This Month

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N911ED was Mercy Air's triple duce, an Air Methods ship, wonder if they're replacing it with a 429.



Interesting.....that would make sense....



As for endorsements (and I'm asking out of ignorance), isn't it a little early for others to be offering endorsements? The ink is barely dry on the type certificate. (Yes...they use really crappy ink that takes nearly two months to dry....)

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Cool why are the TRB's not equal spaced.

acoustics - to reduce noise

Since the acoustic frequencies associated with the rotating blades are directly related to the blade spacing, intuitively the use of unevenly spaced blades holds the potential of lower sound levels and less perceptibility. The acoustic effect of uneven or modulated blade spacing is to generate several blade-passage frequencies, one for each unique angle between blades. Each blade passage frequency, in turn, generates its own set of harmonics. The total acoustic energy is thereby spread over a broader range of frequencies, rather than being concentrated at one blade-passage frequency and a single set of harmonics.

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