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Now on a more serious note. Does this EC120 really kick a Jetranger's -ss like it was supposed to, or is it worth the million or so price tag?

Some guys have said it blows a 206 out of the water and others say it's no different.

How bout an unbiased educated opinion?


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Well, now Mr. 407 I'm pretty excited to see that Jet Ranger perfornin' at 17,000 feet!! I know we used to service some repeater sites around Invermere at ~10,000 with a pretty decent 206B3 and didn't do real bad, but 17,000??? Ya gotta be kiddin'!!! Course the 120 won't be doin' much either at that altitude, but......


And I don't know, Aerospataile has been building composite blades for quite a while, I know we had some on a Gazelle that stood up pretty decent, other than maybe errosion.


Course they're all pretty good or nobody would be selling any, would they?? Oh, ya, that's right, Bell isn't selling to many right now are they?? 8>)


Keep smilin' all,


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MAG, You just have to click on 1 or all of the 3 the links that read....


Additional product info:


206B-3 Technical Specifications Book

206B-3 Heliport Design Specifications

206B-3 Product Data Book

(~ 20 minute download on 56k modem)


Cambox, I'm telling the truth, Doug Makkonen DOES operate a 206B3 (C20R) on Logan, I'm not sure the exact altitudes, but the Mountain is 17,000. Honest :D

I'm trying to think of the Repeater sites you're talking about...

Shanks? around 9,000

Kindersly?.. Lower - but ugly winds

CMH Flattop 10,000

I don't know where RK has theirs parked?


We work Mt Stephens 10,600 and Mt Wilson 11,000 with the 206, as you say, no real issues.

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Hey Mr. 407......... I sure didn't mean any offence, was just getting on your case. 8>)


You're right though, both Kindersly(especially) and Stephens are a good go, espesially with them **** propane pigs underneath!


Have a g :up: od one,



PS....... Darn, 17,000 is high :o

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