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Gsh & The Nwt Government Loan

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What is your point then?


You are just shocked that a big corporation doesn't throw away 15 million dollars to keep their word in a fashion you find timely?


From what I understand there is NO ONE doing any training as the industry has no work for them at completion. Why would they open a school to close doors?

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The point is prior to making this commitment they had already closed the spring bank training school. So why blow smoke up the GNWT and the N.T citizens *** to get a loan if you never intended on doing this. You are not seriously implying that there are no other training schools training pilots right now are you.


I know for a fact that training is going on in the B.C.

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Hey Just looking


I'm just wondering....what you think is involved in moving a training school.....I would think that one would be they need a really cool helicopter to train in...Right....guess what there is a whole bunch of them there..Second you would need a place to learn all the neat things about flying...guess what they have a really nice training room there..and I would think you would need a training pilot...well they have one of thoughts as well and I bet if they were taking students they would fly him up from home to train them...so I guess all your ranting was for nothing..Doesn’t really take much to move a flight school..or maybe I'm missing something???


Good you can stop now..


Sounds like your upset at them just because they are not taking any students and that you just want a job or something..



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Well I didn't think i would have anything else to add, and I don't, and actually haven't said anything at all important to start with.


But now, Just Looking, there must be something personal, that has caused you grief at GSH, and you aren't likely to admit it here. Nor would you to anyone you gave a resume to, and that's your business.


If they'd accepted you, taken your money to begin training, you would have either finished said training, or been told that you aren't cut out for the industry. Which a reputable school would do after 15 hrs or so of dissapointing results.


If the school was closed prior to the loan in question, it only further proves they are honorable if they finished training and made good on prior commitments to the most recent students.


If a loan was given with stimulation promises to the NWT they'll be followed according to the needs of the industry. Do you expect GSH to lay off 15000 hr pilots and put inexperience people on the line with loyal clients that have hr restrictions?


Training is being done in B.C. on a couple of M.A.S.H ships, or a handful of other types, all light.


Recurrent or endorsements on applicable machines.


The industry will come back, and the school will keep their promise, let's hope.

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Actually i thought i would just let this post die as its like pounding your head against the wall. AGAIN AGAIN AGIAN GSH has done zero to me they run a good company with good equipment. Amazes me how as soon as anyone says anything about a company everyone figures you either got fired or they wouldn't hire you.


The FACT is they made a promise to do something and are not staying good to the promise. If all this stuff is in place as you say then it wouldn't cost them a dam thing to come good with their promise. So why is there no active training school in Yellowknife. The helicopters, facility and training pilot are there so you say. So when will they run a training school and make good on what they said they will do.


Its no skin of their a$$ if some one wants to spend $90,000.00 plus on a helicopter license if they don't promise them a job. Lets get of the GSH doesn't want to run a puppy mill. If i was an investor i would be pissed they are not trying to make money anywhere they can.

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Guest plumber
holey that was f#$%ing painful the watch. that poor horse got seriously flogged before it got shot.

anyway they moved....complied....done deal. everything was just speculation now wasnt it. horrible waste of keyboard time id say


It was dead until your fathead fingers got hold of a keyboard. <_<

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