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Bell Uh-1 Super B

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The Bell 540 rotor system, used on the UH-1C is the source of the rotor system without a stab bar. If you look at the 214, you can the progression from that start.


The composite blades were installed on a variety of UH-1 models - they were actually manufactured by Kaman.


Bluebird Helicopters were out of Cougar, Washington; and later purchased a fleet of CH-54B helicopters that are now owned and operated by HTSI in Oregon.

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I know it's not a 214, and the pictures look more like a 204 than a 205, so I think helirider and DGP are right, it's a UH-1B with the cobra blades. I looked up a couple N numbers and they're model type is still a UH-1B, but they're restricted, and they don't give any info on the powerplant or the modifications done.

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Most popular former military UH-1 series type certificated in restricted category in the United States:


1. UH-1B, 44 foot rotor system, short cabin, T53-L-11D engine.


2. UH-1E, UH-1L, HH-1K, 44 foot rotor system (540 cobra style), short cabin, T53-L-13B engine.


3. UH-1F, UH-1P, 48 foot rotor system, short cabin, GE T58 engine.


4. UH-1H, 48 foot rotor system, long cabin, T53-L-13B engine.




1. Installation of T53-L-13B engine in UH-1B


2. Installation of tail boom plug in UH-1B to install 48 foot rotor system.


3. Installation of 212 42 degree gearbox on all models.


4. Installation of 212 transmission and rotor system on UH-1H.


5. Installation of 212 tail boom and tail rotor, UH-1H.


6. Installation of T53-L-13B engine in UH-1F and UH-1P.


7. Installation of T53-L-703 engine in UH-1H


8. Installation of vertical fin replacement spar, all models.


A super UH-1B has the STC’s for the engine, tail boom plug, fin spar, and 42 degree gear box.


HH-1K shown.



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