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Atpl-h Or Hatra


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These are two completely different matters.


ATPL( H) = Airline Transport Pilots License category Helicopters- The senior license.


HATRA is the Transport Canada exam that is written if you are below 1000hrs Pic and are working towards the The Senior License. ( could be wrong on the min hrs)


If you are above 1000hrs you write the HARON and The HAMRA.


And less we forget the joys of the INRAT that is another requirement for the ATPL(H) unrestricted.


To attain a ATPL ( H) " Unrestricted" apart form the exams, you need the Night hours as well as a PPC on 2 pilot certified IFR Twin Transport Category Helicopter. 212 or SK76, or AS365 or like.


222 doesn't count as she is single pilot IFR certrified.


Hope this helps answer your question and a whole lot more. :D



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The HATRA exam is a combination of the HARON and HAMRA exam rolled into one that is valid for one year, it allows you to be SIC (not PIC) of a multi engine/crew helicopter.


The HAMRA and HATRA exams allows you two years to complete your ATPL before they expire and you have to re-write them, once you have the ATPL you don't have to write them again.


I am quite certain you don't have to write the INRAT and you don't need an IFR to attain an ATPL, but you need 30 hours of IFR time. You need a night rating to get the ATPL as well as 1500 hrs. rotary wing time. Unless you have 50 hours of night you will have a (restricted) ATPL till you get it, note that dual night doesn't count towards your night time. The night has to be either SIC or PIC, and yes there is a difference between dual and SIC.


I wrote the HATRA and figured you may as well just write the HARON and HATRA as it is not any easier than them. If you live in the lower mainland Pro-IFR in Boundary Bay has good seminars and instructors that specialize in getting you through the exams, also Heli-College in Langley.


There is lots of little roadblocks that TC throws up so the best thing to do is read through the AIM and contact TC directly to answer any questions that you don't understand.


Hope that helps,



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INRAT not required for restricted or unrestricted ATPLH

you need a night rating minimum for a restricted to aerial work ATPLH

you need to write your HAMRA and HARON exams

when thats done you fill out your application for the license, send in your log books. you need an applicable amount of logged cross country time i believe, cant remember how much, its all laid out in SEC IV of the CARS.


then to apply to have your restriction removed you need,

50 Hrs of night PIC or co pilot(2 crew machine) 15hrs of which must be in a heli, rest can be fixed wing.

35 hrs of instrument trng time, 5 of which must be aquired in heli, 10 of which may be instrument grnd time( ie SIM)


The killer is the night PIC 50 hrs takes awhile to get

you can find all this in sect 4 of the cars. there is a big rumour or such out there that you need to have a instrument rating to have an unrestricted ATPLH. NOT true.

the 50 hrs PIC night is a bit of a hurdle though




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Good Info here, oil pressure just blew my mind.


I recently recieved my ATPL-H. Though I have all the previously stated requirements for unrestricted, I don't have a current IFR.


Some Questions


Would it say "restricted" somewhere on my ATPL-H ? because I don't see it written anywhere, OR is it just considered restricted because theres no Group 4 associated on my ATPL-H ?


Also. In my shiny new Aviation Document my Commercial Fixed Wing has a Group 1 Instrument valid to Feb 1, 2007. I have held a restricted IFR rating in the military since then. Do I have to write the INRAT again ?


Any info would be greatly appreciated





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yours doesnt say restricted because you met all the night PIC and INSTRUMENT TRAINING requirements. the unrestricted ATPL-H has nothing to do with an instrument rating. not required. fixed wing ATPL yes helicopter ATPL no.

and yes your license will say "restricted to aerial work" if it is restricted

i would say you have an unrestricted ATPLH

the restricted ATPL was just a way for guys to fly a 2 crew or high pax capable heli for aerial work(702) operations ie logging fire fighting etc.

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Just to add to the confusion, the HATRA is actually a TYPE rating exam, for those that want to get type rated on a MULTI CREW machine, but do not meet the 50% requirement in time to do the HAMRA/HARON (1000 hours/200 xc etc).


The HAMRA/HARON are the actual ATPL exams. The HATRA is supposedly a conglomeration of both, but even if you write it, you STILL have to write the HAMRA/HARON at a later date to qualify for your ATPL.


THe actual requirements for the ATPL are:

1000 Hours total time (600 Helicopters)

250 hours PIC (150 may pe PIC under Supervision/PICUS)

50 Hours night (15 in Helicopters)

200 XC (100 PICUS)

30 Hours IFR (10 Hours Ground, 15 Hours AIRPLANE MAX)




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