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Aussie Huey Pilots In The Shite

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Ahhhh, that's kids stuff. Your in #### when you latch on to the competition's base vehicle with a medium and transport it to another town without telling them. Those guys are "beginners" for "shite's sake". :lol: Come'on Heli Ops....... show us some "quality shite". :lol:

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Goldmember ------you are truly tempting with that kind of offer, but alas that'st all I can tell you.....and yes it really did happen.It's also difficult to take pictures when you have a glass in one hand too and are laughing. It's lonnnnnnng ago, at a place far away and kinda cold right now. Just don't get me and some others here, that I know of, started on those kind of stories from eons ago. I couldn't tell that many because I can't type and laugh hard at the same time....it's a personal failing of mine. :lol::lol:

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What about the former base manager from a Vancouver Island company who bombed a heli-pad at a fishing lodge with a bambi bucket dipped in the big "swimming pools" outside of town? With a bunch of VIP's standing there thinking their ride had arrived... now that's getting in the shite!! And it was only a few months ago...



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Oh boy, here we go. I'll try to hold up my end for as long as I can, but I'm starting to chuckle already......



....once upon a time there was a pilot and engineer that were "too well-oiled" on a Saturday night in some town north of 60 and sent the following telex to their company HQ down south (and this is a direct and exact quote verbatim)........."Have lost 58T in poker game stop Please advise if spares box goes with stop". All very funny down south until they stopped and remembered the personalities involved and wondered if, maybe...............





-------and one more before I "break down"....


There once was a large Canadian owned helicopter being flown from Savannah, Georgia to Freeport, Bahamas. There was a pilot, co-joe, engineer and another pilot that came along for the ride. During the flight, this pilot was looking out the window at the beautiful wx and the light green, clear waters. He took special notice that they were so clear that he could see what appeared to be sharks in the water below. He turned around from up front, to confirm this with the engineer. He noticed the engineer working a "wobble pump" at the back of the a/c that was in a 45 gal drum. The hose ran from the drum and through the open door on the side of the a/c and disappeared around the corner. He asked what the engineer what the **** he was doing and the engineer said " we don't have enough fuel onboard to make it the whole way and we knew that, so I'm trying to keep ahead of what we are burning.......the arm's getting tired and would you lend a hand? Said pilot figured the engineer was kidding and immediately went up to the flight deck to speak to the pilots flying about the "real" reason. As he entered, he noticed a "24" on the floor between the seats and both pilots enjoying their "libations". That confirmed that the world was, in fact, crazy for sure and he immediately rushed back to help out the engineer. This pilot pumped especially hard because he remembered seeing those fins in the water. Said pilot kissed the tarmac like the Pope does when flight was finially completed in Freeport. :lol::lol::lol:

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