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Aussie Huey Pilots In The Shite

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Sad to say, but the PC Nazi's have come down big time on the Aussie fly by:


Melbourne Herald Sun


The Australian (national rag)


The Age (Melbourne)


National Nine News



ABC TV (Auntie ABC)


How on earth the Defence Department think this will attract recruits to the modern, caring, sharing Military is beyond me :down:

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so, just making sure i get this right... you can't flash a sign that says "show us your you know what's" from a helicopter, but you can print the same phrase in all the newspapers... or are the editors and reporters being stood down as well?? :wacko:


maybe wasn't the smartest thing to do, but wouldn't a small chat with the CO and then a pillow with which to sit on until the gluteous maximi re-grew after being chewed out have sufficed??

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Two thoughts about this to keep in mind:


1) Just what in the **** did anyone think the Army hierarchy was going to say about this. To the public and their political bosses they were "embarrassed and shocked". In private, they probably were holding their sides and remembering what they had done years ago, but were lucky enough to not get caught.....and of course the men will be punished. They should be punished, but for being stupid enough to do it in a place like that AND getting caught.


2) If that had happened during some war that Australia was involved in and they needed all the "warm, experienced bodies" they could get, then those guys could've hung something else out those doors and they would have just shipped them back to the "front".


MORAL: on he first count, don't believe everything you read and on the second count......everything is relative. :D

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