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Roll Up

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I do it daily with the koala...I'm pretty sure we do it first start of the day on all types. Please correct me if I'm wrong and I'm not being snarky, isn't it commonplace for systems checks to be done on first start? Passengers or no passengers?


No "snarkiness" detected at all Rainman.....the question was meant to spark dialog.

System checks are fine for the most part, but when one is switching off a hydraulic system(s)....it is a direct link to most of the flight controls on a lot of helicopters ??!!

This Astar incident is a not far behind the Super Puma that rolled over in Boundary Bay....gets one attention.

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The VEMD equipped A-Stars require the test to be done at 100%.

If you're not locked down, the collective will increase to assist you as if hydraulics were lost in flight. This can result in a roll over on the ground.






I have a PDF Flight Manual for the B2 VEMD, dated October 15/2010. It states the hydraulic checks are to be done at ground idle. I got it from our training department. I am in now way an expert on A-Star's, so I can only go by what I have.


Is there a newer Revision out?

And I kinda guessed the aircraft wouldn't flip over if the hydraulics were depleted at ground idle, with the collective unlocked, but I had to ask.


49 Merc

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The Astar hydraulic pump is creating operating pressure in the hydraulic system down to 170 rpm Nr. There is no advantage to doing the checks at 100 %. The only difference that you will notice between doing checks at 100% and idle is that it takes longer for the accumulators to recharge than stated in the flight manual once the hydraulics are turned back on.


At idle provides an extra safety margin."

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I suppose all this input is generally saying that a single hydraulic system machine like an astar has a good potential for incidence with ought diligence on the pilots part. I do know that a double hydraulic system as in a 212, A119 or a 205, the collective is always boosted. I suppose a single system 205 one would need to be careful with that as well. As always, complacency is a risk to us all no matter what the machine. The more diligent we can all be the better...

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