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The Royal Returns

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:punk: :punk: Good News From Ottawa - sounds like an Oxymoron anything good coming from Ottawa I know, but as of now,the designation ROYAL has been reinstated in our name and the Canadian Air Force is once again the RCAF :):D




Maybe not a big deal to some of you but to us that were there, great day


and yes I know I posted in the wrong place ;)

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and yes I know I posted in the wrong place ;)


You can't post news like this in the wrong place!


I am very pleased to hear this. We could finally sweep the last vestiges of the communist mole into oblivion!!


Three cheers to the RCAF!!!


Three cheers to the RCN!!!


Three cheers to the Canadian Army!!!

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Here is one old fart that is tickled pink!!

One of the reasons I left the Royal Canadian Navy (Fleet Air Arm) in 1964 was the impending integration of the forces. I wonder if the uniforms will revert back to origonal? Sure would look better than the "little girl" outfits they wear now.

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