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Jet A Vs Jet B

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Jet A is alot safer to be around compared to Jet B which has around 40% Naptha. This is why Jet B is nicer is cold temps for lighting off some machines, flash point is lower. Cannot get Jet b in most countries other than Canada. Jet A1 is great for Astars, but when is very cold still like Jet B.


Had an interesting issue with Jet A in east due to fuel cloudiness in temps below -20 C. Was told by supplier was ok even though filters were clogging,,,oddly they would not supply anything in writing saying was ok,,,,got Jet B. Think it was parrafin. The Jet A after looking into was "traded/sold" by three companies after leaving refinery,,,,hmmm. Reputable fuel suppliers are very important!

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Experienced the same thing with Jet A1 from ESSO. Some drums were worst than others and we returned the really cloudy ones. Entrained water what freezing to crystals.




Jet B burns cleaner, but has less energy pound per pound than Jet A/A1. Jet A/A1 unfortunately limits some helicopters to -32/-18, which is fine by me. :lol:


Jet A/A1 can cause birth defects in the long run.

Jet B can cause cancer in the long run.


I wonder what the Jet B supply is like these days? ie refineries producing it...

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BTU wise, I think its a couple hundred btu difference. so bit of power difference.And remember the winter fuel will have prist in it also. As for the cloudiness, I was part of an inquiry at the refinery where water and alcohol got into a tanker, Turns out a weld was done, tank was pressure washed and alcohol flushed, but some was left in the lines. I got to the job which was -30 and opened the lid. saw what looked like cold apple juice colored fuel, and the line was frozen solid. so we chipped the line out and opened the valve a bit and this slug of what looked like frog eggs filled the tupperware spares box,no response with the tan colornut, so the guys from the refinery came out and had a look. The result was, we found out we needed the brown colornut.There was a US airforce occurrence at about the same time with incorrect paste used..

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