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I thought I saw this topic a little while ago but couldn't seem to find it to re-hash it so figured what with HAI being a little over a week away I thought I would see who's going, maybe we could all get together and have a drink, with Paper bags over our heads to keep our annonimity, except for you know who we could give him a plastic one with no holes in it. :up:



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Sorry Mags, but I just got enough for me. I've booked my flight. I get there Saturday nite about 20:00. I'm booked in the La Quinta Inn & Suites...


So who else is goin' ? It would sure be nice to put brown paper bags to some of these silly monikers, wouldn't it ? :up:


Never been to Anaheim before. Anyone got any ideas for a place to meet for some refreshments ? PM me if yer goin' and aren't afraid to drop the :hide: ...

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Good on Ya Skidz, It'a a great show. I've only been to the show twice...Dallas and Las Vegas. If it ever goes back to New Orleans, the wife says that she is taking me again... :up:


..a few hints, be at or near the Dart booth about 1/2 hour before closing.

..find out where the manufacturers or insurance company parties are being held :P Good eats, lots of booze, Do us all proud !

...aren't you a bit old to be sitting on a mouse's lap??? :wacko:


MAG, you're a freeloader boy, every year..you say take me, take me. With your wages, you should just go ! Heck, EC should be PAYing your way, Even CHW chipped in a few '000's and sent me and the woman .. once.

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Quick note about weather in Anaheim in February. If you think you're going to sunny CA to warm your bones, be forewarned: I was at a trade show in Anaheim February 2003 and it rained cats and dogs, was windy and downright cold! Whoever wrote, "It never rains in California," had clearly never been there in February! And even in rainy weather, the hotels, restaurants and convention center all run their air-conditioning. I froze my arse off. Bring a light jacket! Hope the sun shines bright for all who are going... :up:

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