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"you Have Poured Whiskey Into A Cowboy Boot And Then Dipped The Boot In A Glacier Fed Stream For Mix (Optional)"

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Guest bag swinnger

Let me put it another way. A company has an accident, where a customer is killed. The pilot survives, but is found to have alcohol

in his blood. The insurance company refuses to pay, and the pilot is charged with criminal neglegence causing death. So who do you think is going to be charged as an accessory to criminal neglegence causing death? Hint: the answer can be found by looking at Supreme Court Rulings in Canada!


I get that your job probably sucks to the point that you would like to spend some time over here in the world of helicopters stirring things up. However you are looking progressively ignorant with each post. You can put it anyway you want but you are still the only one suggesting a combination of drinking and flying, the ad certainly did not suggest it.


The ad you question is one of many well written ad's by that author over the years. The one line that you picked out was part of a list that could only appeal to some of the most colourful characters on the planet, in this case a helicopter pilot! Even more specific the ad targets low time pilots exclusively. That in itself is very rare if not non existant. I am sure the author came up with that list based on decades of experience of precisely the kind of personality that excels in our industry. Most bush helicopter pilots that frequent here already know all this but you don't seem able to grasp the concept. If you wish to save face here you should refrain from starting or continuing any more uneducated posts or it will be more of the same, just you swimming against the current. Just a thought.

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I remember this posting for a pilot and thought it was very well written and a break from the norm! Chill out Seeker!

It would be far more logical to dip the boot first, then add whiskey.... that way you don't risk losing any whiskey.

Seeker.......   I can not believe how you take this add, You did not need to tell us of your superior position of Safety OFFICER as we all probably could have guessed it. It is Safety Officers j

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