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"you Have Poured Whiskey Into A Cowboy Boot And Then Dipped The Boot In A Glacier Fed Stream For Mix (Optional)"

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I remember this posting for a pilot and thought it was very well written and a break from the norm! Chill out Seeker!

It would be far more logical to dip the boot first, then add whiskey.... that way you don't risk losing any whiskey.

Seeker.......   I can not believe how you take this add, You did not need to tell us of your superior position of Safety OFFICER as we all probably could have guessed it. It is Safety Officers j

Iceman: are you referring to this post?


I find it funny that offence was taken by that add when the following add was also posted.


An opportunity currently exists within our company for a highly skilled, highly motivated 100 hour pilot.


You must:

Be willing to relocate B

e willing to work for very little pay

Be willing to work long hours

Be clean, tidy, friendly and approachable


Duties will include, but will not be limited to:


Shovelling Sweeping Mopping Cleaning Pumping fuel Greeting customers Loading customers Briefing customers


Preference will be given to Journeyman Carpenters, Plumbers, Mechanics, Electricians etc.

Send resumes to Jeff: operations@kvheli.com


No phone calls please. Or for better results, stop by our hangar at the Nelson BC airport and pick up a broom, mop, shovel or toilet brush.

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Let me put it another way. A company has an accident, where a customer is killed. The pilot survives, but is found to have alcohol

in his blood. The insurance company refuses to pay, and the pilot is charged with criminal neglegence causing death. So who do you think is going to be charged as an accessory to criminal neglegence causing death? Hint: the answer can be found by looking at Supreme Court Rulings in Canada!


Considering all the other requirements in the add, the person that gets hired would likely have far too much common sense to be flying around with alcohol in their system. Additionally, the operator should be commended for making multiple references to proactive problem solving and encouraging employee input. Far too many employers (in any line of work) discourage those kinds of behaviour...

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Safety Officer for a large oil company eh?


Drug and alcohol abuse is more rampant in the oil and gas industry than most other industry sectors I would hazard to guess.


So I can see your misguided opinion at least.


Sometimes I think that more than flying your crews we are actualy just running drugs for you.


I found the Ad humorous as intended, and not the least bit promoting drinking and flying. Sometimes a cigar is just that,...a cigar.


I recommend you police your own before you attempt to understand or police the neighbors. You have a lot to work with there already.



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