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"you Have Poured Whiskey Into A Cowboy Boot And Then Dipped The Boot In A Glacier Fed Stream For Mix (Optional)"

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I remember this posting for a pilot and thought it was very well written and a break from the norm! Chill out Seeker!

It would be far more logical to dip the boot first, then add whiskey.... that way you don't risk losing any whiskey.

Seeker.......   I can not believe how you take this add, You did not need to tell us of your superior position of Safety OFFICER as we all probably could have guessed it. It is Safety Officers j

Lagavulin for me... or at least it was until the price went waaay up. Any Islay single malt will work - neat is good, but the tiniest splash of water in it helps the subtle flavours come out.


Speaking of, there's a glass of McClellan's Islay single malt sitting beside me right now - probably the cheapest single malt one can buy. Research tells me it's very young Bowmore. Certainly not the top shelf, but not total swill either :D








... and no, I'm not flying anything in the near future, so no lectures :P



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