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People are confusing non-competition covenants with restrictive and non-solicitation covenants. The case law for non-competition in Canadian employment contracts tend to be judged as restraint on trade which makes them unenforceable. Restrictive and non solicitation covenants need to be reasonable. Restricting a fiduciary employee such that they can't join another competing organization in an industry as small and as far reaching (geographically) as the civil helicopter industry in Canada would most definitely be seen by the courts as restraint on trade.


The need for restrictive covenants is mostly applicable and used in industries where proprietary information and intellectual property needs to be protected. You know, innovative industries which most certainly the Canadian civil aviation industry is not :)

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If they go with the John Deere philosophy, their machines will be a gaudy green, guzzle fuel and be waaaay too heavy to lift anything worthwhile...


If they go with the Gov't of Canada philosophy, they'll be spending waaaay more money than they can collect, will be top-heavy with useless managers, and be unable to make any kind of decision without hemming and hawing for years...


These guys are screwed ! But I bet anyone working for them will get a huge indexed pension though... :P

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