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Not What The Boss Wants To See....

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As an old Alpine Pilot I know the boss's really don't take kindly to stunt flying I think that is what they called it. All you Heli-Ski pilots out there please fly safe. I am flying a New 407 in Stewart and if I had to fly a Long Ranger I would retire for good. Take care Ladies and Gentlemen I want to talk to you not read about you.

Squirrel, a few  points...


1 ) I purposly never showed the other photo's , because they positively identified the company.  In the photo I showed, the colors were a bit vague as to who it was.  OK OK, anyone in the ski industry would have figured it out, but the average guy east of the Rocks may not have ID'd the colors.


2 ) In My last line under the photo, I admitted that a lot of us have been "snapped" at the most inopportune times.  I had one such shot...in the old "Huey tuck"  ...a 212 with the nose pointed straight down the run at an extreme deck angle on a cover brochure in 199X for XXX Heli-Skiing Ltd.  ..I learned my lesson then...


3 ) I quote the esteemed and knowlegable "Over-Talk"  ..."Regardless of all that....back to the original point; will the boss be happy to see this on the internet ??"


I know my boss frequents these sights, and I have been "asked" about a couple of my pics.. :blink:

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407D, I have to defend this one..  It is a 212 empty, flying down to the pickup and kicked out of trim (to prevent rotor overspeed on the way down) - thus the funny angle which looks "bad".
<_< Gee......you mean all these years i have been flying bell mediums in trim and using the gov trim, collective and a/s to manage rpm is now "dated"? Sure glad to see a real professional showing us all how to do it...... :huh:
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In my 40 or so trips up and down a hill here today I experimented with this rotor overspeed thing. I had heard that sideslipping makes you come down faster and that's why some guys did that, but the "controlling overspeeds" suggestion is new to me.


Anyway, I can unequivocally say, that as far as this 212 of mine is concerned, sideslipping tends to make the rotor overspeed more then flying in trim. And it really doesn't feel very nice. I was getting 2100 fpm ROD in trim and only managed to get 2300 fpm by putting in full right pedal... and it wasn't worth the effort as far as I'm concerned. I tried to go for full left pedal (in stages) but Huey was screaming so badly it was obvious that he didn't like it at all... and neither did I. In all cases the RRPM increased when I took the machine out of trim...


So I might have a unique 212... but I doubt it... I've flown about 30 different ones and don't recall any being a whole lot different from any others... at least as far as I noticed, but I'm tone deaf, have two left feet and ten thumbs... :huh:




P.S. I must say that's a great photo... mysterious new techniques or not... I might send the Reverend C.M. an email just to torment him...

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