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Where Are The Fires?

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:D Okay buddy will drop in on my way home on my time off. The wife is heading to Sydney for the summer so you know how that goes while the cats away the mouse will play golf. :up: Talk to you later. Ken

You'd beter come on over next time you pass through. I invited you and that 204 over last time, but you were already set up way over in the grass.

Lots of moisture down this way now, so no burns, fires or much happening here anymore.

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No worries about my wife reading my post I already told her what I was going to do(only after I get the Honey do's finished) After 34 years with the same woman she lets me play a little. The only thing that might be a prob is that she might set a cam up to see what I am doing. HEHEHEEHHEH B) I hope you all fly safe and hope to talk to some of you this summer. I am still sitting in YMM. Later :D

Golf, schmolf, 204B! Your wife's gotta be reading your posts.  ;)

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:huh: Okay.....yesterday, on afternoon shift here on Van. Is. at 4'200 ft, it was snowing on us :shock: The chances of fires here, I would guess, are LOW. I am utiliizing my astute powers of observation and years and years of experience to boldly make that prediction..... :rolleyes:
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