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Shortage Of Ame's

Guest Bullet Remington

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Cheers Ray, thanks for the help, have been doing a lot of looking on the WWWWWebbbb, been into the TC site and had a read, seems OK, just wanted to hear from someone in the industry first hand.


Like I said earlier, once everything is in place to make the jump, I will post a thread and get things rolling, meantime I'll carry on networking, seems friendly so far, and from what I can see should be good, :up:

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I was listening in on an american talk show( Rush Limbaugh) and how employers were crying there is no one available,and a guy called in stating he was the human resources officer for a major hi tech company,and he had a stack of resume's on his desk,But they they were people that would want more that $6 an hour,and the brass wanted over seas

imported workers that would work for the low wages ....so that dispelled every bit of crying "we can get workers" for me.

reminds me of our ops mgs telling a 100 hr guy how it was too expensive to insure them and when I mentioned it to a friend who was a senior manager with Reed Stenhouse,he said he never heard of the limitation....

bottom line is, a canada post employee,a production worker, a lineman, etc makes every bit if not more than I do, with 7 endorsements..

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Rush Limbaugh is being quoted as a legitamite source???


A postman doesn't make anywhere what I make. I also don't know of any high-tech firm that pays it's employees minimum wage in the US.

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I think the specific reference was for call centers.


FYI, in my former career as an IT geek, I worked on contract for companies who farmed out a lot of software programming to India and Malysia. They were paying about $20/USD per hour to these India and Malaysian mega-firms, who paid their programmers relatively high wages for their part of the world (about $8/hr).


When you consider a "good" software developper in the western world will cost you at least $70/hr, it's little wonder so much of the work is being outsourced to that part of the world.


Last year, in Africa, I worked with Indians and Malaysians. These folks are every bit as competent as their western counterparts...


Oh yeah, btw, my former next door neighbor was a postman. With OT, he grossed 90k per year... :mellow:

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This guy had 35 years in. I think the newer posties have to work a lot longer to make it to the top of the scales. If memory serves, his base pay was about 60, and the overtime rates thay get are ridiculous (2x, 2x½). And this guy's regular schedule was 0630 to 1500, mon-fri. Good money to take a long walk five days a week. In his late 50s, this guy looked like he was in his early 40s. No stress, no gray hair. Fit as a fiddle... Talk about the good life... :up:

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After reading the last reply I couldn't resist to trow my bit into this discussion.

In recent years I noticed a disturbing trend making its way into bigger AMOs and that is an increased utilization of professional axe men(or woman) known as Human Resource Specialist. These people for the most part know squat about aviation in general and even less so on technical aspect of aircraft maint. I've recently witnessed a situation where a number of senior and experienced AMEs got a long and hard shaft :angry: after a new company came and took over an AMO they worked at.


During an "INFORMAL INTERVIEW" nobody seemed to realy care what these people knew about aircraft they work on, however qestons like " ... and how did that make you feel..." where predominant.


At the end of a day those who walked away keeping their jobs got collective pay decrease of 3$/hr. I guess 25.50$/hr. was just far to lucrative of a wage. The biggest kick in the pants was that this particular situation involves a government contract where money was aplenty. But hey the more you can push to bring your AME's wage along that of a 7-11 employee the more happy your share-holders will be.

And so I wonder how many other outfits like that out there keep crying about the shortage of experienced AMEs (read modern day slaves).


I'm not going to ***** how I got wronged but the fact is that if you can grow a large set of fangs and learn how to use them ocasionally you won't be the vicitm of corporate America.

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