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Engineers Are Like Strippers

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Was watching the ballet tonite and realized that strippers are not much different from engineers. They sleep in til late then when everyone is done work they kind of go dance around a bit while everyone watches. Then they try and get the pilots to buy them drinks and usually end getting the pilots to make a fool of themselves. Then its off to another northern town and do it all again!

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Guest Bullet Remington



And your point is?? :rolleyes:


We WrenchBenders have done business this way for years! Matter of fact, it's an unwritten tradition. So precious, we never record it! We just pass it down to the YoungUns as they learn! ;)


They lean this is conjunction with Bush Hoggin 101 and "How to Operate a Helicopter Pilot 102! :P


It's be refined over the years that it has now become mandatory for all Engineers! The ultimate goal of course is to ensure the Driver pays, one way or the other!! :up: :up:


Now if ya all want to learn how to Operate an Engineer, PM me and I'll send all you drivers the leassons!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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Hey Heli jim,


1. If we are like strippers, does that mean pilots will have to slip a £10 note in my g-string when he gets back in the cab after I've been in all night changing an engine that he has overtemp'd?


2. Does that then make pilots the dirty pervs that go in to strip joints coz they aint getting any at home?



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