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Chopper Crash Terrace, Bc

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learn, you simply learn. you have to take your head out of your *** sometimes and realise that it does happen to others and you take what you can from the situation and apply it to what you knew already. if you think you know it all now, you're dangerous.

that's how you be pro active.

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I would just like to add to all those experts out there - Angry Egg Driver, Helilongliner & Skidz you pick your words very carefully. It may be a good idea to ensure you have your justification for your facts instead of relying on hearsay. Leave the investigation to the relevant authoritys. It sounds like you have too much time on your hands, unless you actually witnessed the incident or were in Phil's position. It is quite disappointing to read that your mentality is narrow-minded. This Forum is dedicated to voicing your opinions but this demoralising topic needs to show some respect for Phil, his family, friends and work colleagues.

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I've re-read my post a hundred times. Sorry, I don't see how I was disrespectful of Phil. On the contrary...


However, maybe my narrowmindedness is preventing me from seeing it right, so just in case, I sincerely apologise to anyone who might have felt my post to be in any way hurtful to anyone and to Phil in particular...

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